Eficode provided OP a reliable and scalable software ecosystem with maintenance and continued development of the software engineering environment.

A considerable portion of software development operations for OP have been outsourced to third parties. To coordinate work across multiple parties, some common tools are required and optimally the development organization doesn’t have to worry about maintaining them. Eficode takes care that the shared environments used by all parties to provide reliable services so developers can focus their efforts on software development itself.

All of OP’s Java-software development from code and artifact storage to quality assurance and documentation is done in a centralized, common software engineering environment.

Vast development ecosystem that has to be reliable and scaleable

With over 2000 developers in various geographic areas using the environment, the service must offer a seamless, highly reliable experience. The environment must remain available to developers at least 99.5% of the time, day and night. Delivering and maintaining this sort of environment turned out to be a time and effort consuming task for OP itself.

Eficode jumped in to provide both maintenance and continued development of the software engineering environment. The tool support and hosting of the environment was transferred to Eficode’s support team. OP’s internal personnel have thus been relieved from watching over the systems, as most of the old activities are taken care of by Eficode. Additionally, development teams are provided with simple user interfaces to take care of common tasks.

Software collaboration platform for greater agility

In addition to the old components, a completely new system was introduced during the migration: Software collaboration platform Deveo. Deveo moves OP’s identity and access management from a centralized entity to project managers and development teams. As a result, project privileges can be managed in a much more versatile manner, which in turn translates to better agility and shorter turnaround times.

A functional and reliable software engineering environment allows the developers to concentrate on their core, delivering features with value to OP’s customers. The upgraded environment provides good visibility and enables rapid feedback which in turn brings flexibility to the development processes.

The new environment also enables quick improvement of software development methodologies and further facilitates the increase of automation within the development teams, and usually adding new automation can be done by the teams themselves, without ever needing to coordinate with the support organization.