Paytrail can now respond more effectively to important developments. Throughput times and possible code changes have improved.

Paytrail, a pioneer in online payments, committed to scale up their Agile ways of working using the SAFe Framework. Jira Align was introduced by one business unit, and by then rolling it out across the enterprise, improvement followed everywhere.


Paytrail wanted to take its operations to the next level, to deliver greater value to customers, while maintaining the same agility. Development projects were in progress, but the company wanted an outside view to see whether their approach was correct and if attention was being focused on the right areas. They needed the know-how and the tools to track project development and measure their achievement.


Contribyte (now part of Eficode) gave them a Contribyte Assesment, which analyzed Paytrail’s most important functions. Existing development projects were reviewed and prioritized. R&D needs were mapped using status interviews, both in terms of technical development, and sales. With Contribyte’s support, Paytrail was able to reorganize it’s R&D function into smaller teams and make their portfolio management more agile. Testing and product development were improved as a whole and they were able to monitor and prioritize projects using the methodologies and models Contribyte recommended.


As a result of these reforms, the efficiency of Paytrail’s whole product development section has increased. By separating the team into new project developers and administrators, both can concentrate on their own tasks more effectively. As a result, the maintenance team is now able to respond effectively to the customer’s point of view on important developments. Throughput times have been improved, and more code changes have been able to be made than before.

In addition, both customer and staff satisfaction has increased and the same resources have been able to be much more efficient. Paytrail has had time to develop new tools.

Paytrail now understands their own delivery capability better and continues to evolve, using the Contribyte model.

Since the co-opeartion began, Paytrail’s financial turnover has increased several fold – thanks, in part, to Contribyte’s contribution.