Eficode aided Pohjantähti in the implementation and continuous development of Jira Service Management and the Insight add-on.


Getting reporting in order with Jira Service Management

Contribyte, now part of Eficode, assisted Pohjantähti with implementing Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk) and is supporting the ongoing development of the application. Both error and service request management now operate through Jira Service Management, and work is also underway to move change management processes to the same application.

“The project has worked smoothly as a collaboration,” says Jari Rekilä, Pohjantähti’s IT Services Director. “We have wishes and goals for how we want the job done, while Eficode’s experts take care of the technical implementation.

The new tool has now been in use for a year. In the past, ticketing and making error reports were much more confusing but according to Rekilä, Jira Service Management has helped make everyday life much smoother. Now things can be reported easily and quickly, which in turn increases transparency in operations. 

Rekilä says, “Now we have a good issue tracking system, and the difference is like night and day! You no longer have to lead with a gut feeling, but can lead with information and statistics”.

User rights management with the snap of a finger

In addition to Jira Service Management, Pohjantähti has also started using the Insight add-on, which can be used to manage asset, personnel and customer information, among other things. The need for the add-on arose because there is a lot of turnover in a large organization, so managing user rights can be very challenging.

Jari Rekilä says that they decided to start an access rights management development project, but did not have information on what tools they should use to implement it. As a result, “We decided to present the challenge to the Eficode's experts, and in a few weeks we received a proposal for a solution. With the Insight add-on, we are able to check with the snap of our fingers employees’ access rights to various systems and applications, which is really important for information security and work going smoothly.”

Insight was also a new tool for Eficode, so the work started with the consultants first being trained and qualified to use it themselves. The beginning was calm, but after the training, the work started down a completely new track.

Rekilä says, “Since then, we have been able to take the project forward really well. The consultants have played a really important role and we greatly appreciate their expertise and service-mindness."

A lot of value from an external expert

Pohjantähti initially started cooperating with a small hourly contract but, as their needs increased, the number of hours has tripled. According to Rekilä, the external consultant has been really useful and valuable, as they have brought in-depth expertise in technical issues and tools.

“We think Eficodes’s expertise and know-how has been really good. Of course, Insight was practiced at first, but the skills have also improved considerably with training and experience. Anyway, the cooperation has been smooth and flexible, and we have really appreciated it,” Rekola says.

He goes on to say,

The best thing about the collaboration has been the ease and lightness of things - everyday life is not too formal, but everything has gone agilely.