Ponsse implemented a new backlog system using Atlassian Jira.

"Contribyte (now part of Eficode) -- will offer a solution before you actually ask for help.”

When forest-machine manufacturer Ponsse needed to implement a new backlog system, they chose Contribyte Oy as their co-operation partner. Implementation of the application utilised Contribyte’s Jira software. Ponsse has described the co-operation as being fluent and relaxed.

Contribyte Oy (now part of Eficode) aims to assist its customers by adding value with its digital products and services. So when Ponsse needed to implement a new backlog system using Jira, they turned to Contribyte, since Ponsse Oyj’s ICT department had already co-operated with Contribyte.

Ponsse’s Engineering and Development Manager, Antti-Lassi Tikka, and the Group Quality Manager, Jani Laherto, both state that co-operation has been smooth. “The words flexibility and creativity truly describe Contribyte’s operations well,” Tikka summarizes, explaining that their experience of Contribyte’s services was that they deliver “Tailored end-results”

The backlog application for product development implemented by Ponsse can be used for managing all tasks related to product development. For example, all customer feedback comes through the application. Tikka says that Contribyte’s Jira software used for the implementation of the application can be utilised for creating a tailored outcome to fit the needs of each customer.

Tikka describes the progress of co-operation as follows: “Contribyte’s consultant visited us here in Vieremä to hold workshops where we created, tested and honed our models of operation. We witnessed an advance in issues on every visit.” 

Tikka explains that once the new backlog application was implemented, it allowed tasks to be prioritized more efficiently than before. Tikka also feels that transparency in the organisation has increased.

Tikka and Laherto describe the co-operation between Ponsse and Contribyte as fluent, free and relaxed. Contribyte has delivered on the wishes presented by Ponsse. “You can share your problem with Contribyte, and they will offer a solution before you actually ask for help,” says Laherto.

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