Migrating to a Cloud platform comes with its unique challenges. Learn how Eficode's workshop helped Roidu to successfully start and finish their Google Cloud migration project. This case is an example of how a little help in the beginning can go a long way.

“Working with Eficode was hands-on and even fun! The ‘Eficodeans’ we encountered were genuinely invested in helping us reach our goal. Their work exceeded our expectations, teaching us about other topics, too. They did a fantastic job!” says Alex Jantunen, Roidu’s CTO.

About Roidu and their dilemma

I’d recommend working with Eficode to others, too - Alex Jantunen, Roidu

Roidu is a Finnish software company that delivers customer feedback devices and surveys to companies evaluating their customer experience. They do this for various sectors such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, and airports.

When they approached Eficode, Roidu’s challenge was their existing Cloud platform. It required too much manual work from the team, and did not provide them with enough flexibility for the future.

Roidu had decided to transfer their services to the Kubernetes container orchestration system instead. In order to achieve this, the company was considering a suitable Cloud platform for running that software.

The solution

Eficode recommended for Roidu to consider Google Cloud as an option. This led to Roidu deciding to transfer their Kubernetes to the new Google Cloud data center in Hamina.

As a result, data could be run in Finland while giving Roidu the option of becoming a global company in the future.

The transition would also allow for automation, hence increasing the operational efficiency at Roidu. This in turn would help Roidu's team focus more on their core business: product development. By leaving repetitive work to automation.

In order to carry out the migration independently, Roidu needed practical help to get the process started.

Eficode saved Roidu 2-3 weeks of work

Eficode held a workshop for Roidu which spoke to their needs.

The workshop gave Roidu the kickstart they needed to carry through the migration themselves. During Eficode's two-day workshop, the Roidu team practiced the upcoming Google Cloud migration and got familiar with the ins and outs of the migration process.

Roidu already knew what they would like the workshop to focus on. “We had prioritized the most important factors for our environment and in the workshop we got to ask more about these issues and test the waters with hands-on exercises,” explains Jantunen.

Roidu experienced Eficode's workshop as a great way to prepare for the company's upcoming Google Cloud migration. Thanks to the workshop, Roidu's team learned to successfully carry through the migration to Google Cloud.

"The workshop was incredibly useful!"

Let’s end with some closing words from Roidu’s CTO.

“In the workshop, I witnessed how to execute something like this quickly. Our learning took place at an entirely different pace, because the workshop used real-life exercises. It was incredibly useful! In my opinion, that 2-day workshop saved 2-3 weeks of our time. ”

"I’d recommend working with Eficode to others, too," concludes Jantunen.


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