Migrating to the cloud has freed Sileon from maintenance worries and granted them access to updated versions of Jira Service Management, Confluence, and a range of other applications. Eficode assisted Sileon with a record-fast migration that hasn’t affected their internal users.

High demands on security and updates

Sileon is a global fintech company that offers an innovative SaaS-based Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) functionality to banks, lenders, and other fintechs. Sileon's BNPL solution is integrated into the customer's environment and operates under their brand.

The challenge: Time and knowledge

Sileon sees cloud migration as a crucial element of its business strategy due to the numerous advantages it offers, including cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and availability. Managing a server may pose significant technical and knowledge-related challenges. Additionally, Atlassian's decision to end support for server solutions in 2024 will result in the discontinuation of technical support and security updates, leaving users vulnerable to bugs and other issues. On the other hand, Atlassian's license model for Cloud ensures customers always stay in sync with the latest versions, freeing them from the hassle of continuous maintenance.

They had knowledge of Atlassian's products, but Sileon recognized the need for consulting assistance when migrating to the cloud. Their employees neither had the time nor knowledge to perform an optimal migration. Implementing a cloud solution is a one-time event, making it cost- and time-effective to bring in experts with ample experience. Given the tight timeline for the migration and desire to avoid on-prem solution license renewal, securing expert help was an optimal solution.

"We chose Eficode because they quickly understood our needs. The collaboration became very simple thanks to their flexibility, responsiveness, and determined work to meet our tight schedule."
– Lillemoo Sjöberg, Head of Tech Operations, Sileon

The solution: Planning, testing, and close dialogue

Migrations require good foresight paired with careful planning and close cooperation, especially when working under tight deadlines. To ensure mutual understanding of project goals, we collaborate to identify needs, target state, and existing environment. With a solid foundation, Eficode executes a detailed assessment of the system and applications.

To ensure the migration was a success, a close daily dialogue was indispensable. With expertise in Atlassian products and migration, Eficode handled the technical aspects, while Sileon provided insights on their unique business needs. Daily discussions centered around identifying necessary functions, determining cloud suitability, and adapting applications for the new environment.

“Together, we managed a tough deadline thanks to joint efforts. Eficode has delivered what they promised 100 percent.”
– Henrik Arenblad, IT Manager, Sileon

During the project, test migrations played a crucial role. The initial test revealed technical limitations, requiring changes, while the subsequent test proceeded without a hitch. This positive outcome allowed us to execute the final live migration earlier than anticipated, offsetting the delays incurred from earlier access issues and making up for lost time.

The live migration occurred quickly and smoothly in a single afternoon, without any impact on those working in the system or Sileon's customers. This was made possible with the help of thorough testing beforehand.

The result: An accessible and maintenance-free system

With the transition to the cloud, Sileon's system is now more accessible with minimal maintenance required. Additionally, access to new functionality for Jira Service Management, Confluence, and other applications is continuously available to the company.

The project’s completion is largely attributed to Eficode and Sileon's collaborative planning, mutual respect coupled with the understanding of each other's skills, and effective communication throughout the entire process. The demonstrated success in carrying out a short time migration highlights the importance of solution-focused approaches by all stakeholders involved. The next step for Sileon is to migrate more of their Atlassian products and continue to work according to the company's cloud strategy.

"Eficode has followed up on the project in a customer-oriented manner. They are realistic in their cost estimates and ensure that we get what we agreed upon."

– Lillemoo Sjöberg, Head of Tech Operations, Sileon