Eficode helped Traplight leverage the cloud in a new way by building an automatically scalable and replicable development environment.

Traplight is a Finnish game company that produces mobile games for the international market. It is especially known for its award-winning mobile game Big Bang Racing, which has over a million players around the world.

As the number of users in Traplight’s games is growing rapidly, the company's challenge was to ensure the rapid scalability of its products to a large number of users. There was also a need for developing the internal infrastructure.

Scaling a game quickly to a large number of users

Eficode built an automated scalable development environment for Traplight using Docker and AWS Fargate (serverless compute engine for containers). With this solution, product capacity scales easily and automatically as user volumes grow.

Eficode also helped the company develop its infrastructure in a direction that supports automatic scalability and isolated on-demand environments for development and testing.

“We immediately got good suggestions from Eficode about tools like Terraform. Together we began to explore it and build one tool for our toolbox,” says Teppo Kauppinen, Solutions Architect at Traplight. Terraform is a tool for creating, enhancing, modifying and automating cloud infrastructure.

With the help of training, Traplight’s team saved weeks of working time

To ensure that the Traplight team gets the most out of the deployed Docker tool, Eficode held a two-day training for the company. During training, the Traplight team was taught how Docker works and how it should be utilized. The company was very pleased with the training, as the team learned the most important things in a short period of time:

“With this two-day training, we saved time on learning the tool, and no one had to spend weeks on it alongside other work,” Kauppinen continues.

Traplight was very happy with the outcome

Traplight received the best customized solution to its challenges and was very satisfied with the outcome:

“In my experience, Eficode has a very clear vision of what today's technologies are and what they enable. At Eficode, they know how to tailor them to meet customer needs, and they don’t try to sell the product just for the sake of the product. They truly want the customer to benefit from it,” says Kauppinen.