How TV4 Media successfully migrated large amounts of data and a complex environment.

“Everything went beyond our expectations. The consultants at Riada are very fast, professional, and easy to work with,” says Mia Johansson, Head of Enabler & Data of TV4 Media.

When two companies merge, a rapid transition to a common environment is required. Riada - Now part of Eficode, has helped TV4 Media with a smooth migration to Atlassian Cloud. Today, all employees work in the cloud, which helps them collaborate and communicate in an effective manner. TV4 Media has a stable, secure, and flexible platform as well as the latest versions of Jira and Confluence.

When Telia bought TV4, the new company TV4 Media was created, which consists of the acquired company and a smaller part of Telia. The merger of the companies meant an urgent need for common work tools for the approximately 500 employees.

The challenge - migration to a common environment

The two companies used the same tools and worked in similar ways but in different environments. A migration was necessary and the decision was made that Telia's instance on the server would be migrated to TV4's instance in the cloud.

“Migrating from server to cloud requires expertise. We used the same tool but different versions and didn’t know what would happen during a migration. It felt like a typical mission for Riada,” says Mia Johansson, Head of Enabler & Data of TV4 Media.

Large amounts of data and a complex environment with several different apps were challenges that needed to be addressed. It was uncertain what could be merged to the cloud. Another goal was to make sure users could continue working in a similar way.

The solution – pilot study, tests, and apps

A pilot study was carried out by Riada. The results were used to create the right conditions for a smooth migration. TV4 Media found out what would work, what they would have to manage without, how long the migration would take and how the employees would be affected.

"The migration went smoothly and hardly affected our employees at all," says Mia Johansson, Head of Enabler & Data of TV4 Media.

The apps Jira Cloud Migration Assistant and Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant have been used to support the actual migration. Several test migrations have been carried out as part of the preparation. The sharp migration took a working day and went very smoothly thanks to good planning and communication. For users, the migration had a minimal impact.

The result – collaboration and a technical boost

With Atlassian Cloud, all employees are now gathered in the same environment and can collaborate effectively. The cloud service means high availability, security, and flexibility as well as automatic updates of Jira and Confluence. Since the company no longer needs to take care of server operation and maintenance, people can spend time on more value-creating tasks.

“We have experienced a technical boost with Atlassian Cloud since we now have the latest versions of Jira and Confluence. In addition, we no longer have to spend time on maintenance," says Mia Johansson, Head of Enabler & Data of TV4 Media.

Riada now helps TV4 Media to structure work in the cloud in an optimized way. Over the years, Riada has helped with various analyzes and other expert assignments.

The collaboration means smooth implementation

The close collaboration is a success factor for the migration. The commitment of TV4 Media has been crucial; quick decisions and straightforward communication have pushed the project forward.

“An advantage when you work with Riada is that you get straightforward answers. They know what works and how to avoid problems. They also manage the contacts with Atlassian,” says Mia Johansson, Head of Enabler & Data of TV4 Media.

TV4 Media’s confidence in Riada's expertise is important. In many projects, TV4 Media and Riada discuss a solution: the company knows their business while Riada consultants contribute with expertise about the tools and the experience from other assignments. In this case, TV4 Media wanted Riada to take charge: a plan was created that ensured a quick migration. Recommendations from Riada's consultants have contributed to the project's success.