Vaisala is a leading global provider of environmental, industrial, and weather measurement solutions. Contribyte, now part of Eficode, was selected as the partner for Vaisala. According to Liisa Åström, the product development manager at Vaisala, Eficode understood the product developers exceptionally well.

Eficode provides top-quality software competence

Vaisala needed software competence development, and they were looking for someone to assist them with it. At Vaisala, they heard of Eficode from another business unit that already had experience working with them.

“Quite soon we started to trust Eficode and realized that they are programming professionals and product development experts. They were able to get on the same wavelength as us,” Åström recalls.

Another matter that made Åström and Vaisala happy was that the schedule for the development project was strict and there was a drive to get the innovations developed quickly. According to Åström, Eficode was able to rise to the challenge well.

“We also got our very own resource for one of the projects, meaning that one person from Eficode came here for two days a week to establish practices that we could then adopt by ourselves,” says Åström.

Strong competence enabled operation across a wide spectrum

What was particularly good about the collaboration with Eficode was that the company was able to operate on a large scale inside the Vaisala organization. Eficode’s strong experience in software design and product development made an impression on Vaisala.

According to Åström, along with the project, Vaisala was provided with very tangible improvements which will affect future products in that they will be particularly well designed and produced and they will be launched on time. Åström can also see Vaisala collaborating with Eficode in the future.

“Our experiences of working with Eficode are good. If we were faced with a similar situation again, we would definitely contact them,” Åström concludes.