Visma (former Finnvalli) chose Contribyte (now part of Eficode) to handle the application lifecycle management (ALM), and speeded up releasing new features.


Visma’s product development was not keeping up with business’s rapid growth rate. The company wanted to improve its product development by developing its own software production and use uniform processes and tools in its operating environment to serve the development. Visma was also interested in moving to agile development and updating software development tools. Visma chose Contribyte (now part of Eficode) as its partner in the change project. IBM Jazz was selected as the platform to be able to handle the whole application lifecycle management (ALM) process.


Improving software production capability was a major change for the company. They had to take both technical issues, and employees into account while ensuring business continuity. For example, the introduction of the tool and the process of updating the document are only a fraction of the project.

Contribyte mapped the project target state and the desired level of ability. In addition, Contribyte helped discover a more detailed framework for the use of Jazz, and determine a sensible licensing model. Visma chose the implementation model suggested by Contribyte.

In the active phase of the project, Visma staff were trained in both the process and the tool configured by Contribyte.


Visma R&D has risen to a new level of business growth. The increased cooperation among developers and testers has improved cooperation and enabled faster publication of new features. The integrated software development platform enhances the Finnish and off-shore teams’ project work, while reducing travel to face-to-face meetings. Visma is further improving its competitiveness using the Contribyte continuous development model, easily managed processes, and a stable platform.