Contribyte, now part of Eficode, designed and implemented a training program for Wapice that improves the performance and productivity of the company’s staff.

“Working with Eficode was very smooth and pleasant! Everything went just as we had planned. I can definitely recommend this tailored training solution to other companies as well,” says Markku Hänninen, quality manager at Wapice.

Wapice is an industry technology partner that provides its customers with high-quality and comprehensive software expertise. In order for Wapice to keep its level of customer satisfaction high, it is important for the company to keep the performance, efficiency and productivity of its staff at an optimal level. In fact, the company’s most important resource is the constant development of the know-how and competence of its staff.

Wapice charted the training needs of its staff and chose Eficode as its partner to help with training them. When selecting a partner, Wapice was impressed with Eficode’s expertise, long experience and comprehensive training plan.

“The impression I got of Eficode was that these guys are reliable, they know what they’re doing and talking about, and they’re good at what they do,” comments Markku Hänninen, quality manager at Wapice.

Training program tailored to Wapice’s needs

Wapice was looking for a training program that could be used to develop the know-how of project managers and scrum masters in particular in an optimal way. Together with Wapice, Eficode designed and customized a training program that featured two scrum master courses at different levels: a Scrum Master Essentials course suitable for novices and a World Class Scrum Master course for more seasoned experts.

The training courses involved examining the Scrum development method through practical examples, and after the courses, the things learned and the challenges encountered were also discussed at retrospectives.

Participants gave highly positive feedback about the training program

Wapice’s Quality Manager Hänninen says that Eficode’s training courses help Wapice keep its software development services and product development at a high level of quality, enabling the company to provide its customers with the desired project results within the given schedule and budget.

After the training courses, the participants gave feedback about the program. Aspects such as the content, quality, usefulness and implementation of the courses received high praise.

“Really good conversations and plenty of useful highlights – not just in terms of Scrum, but management as well!” comments one World Class Scrum Master course participant.

What is Wapice?

Established in 1999, Wapice is a Finnish full-service software company whose solutions are used by leading industry companies around the world. Wapice employs more than 330 software and electronics experts, and the majority of the company’s customers are among Finland’s 200 largest manufacturing industry companies.

You can learn more about Wapice on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as the company’s website.