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    DuckOps - A duck-umentary on managed services

    Sharpen your tools with man-aged services

    larry the business duck

    Read DuckOps

    Created by Aleksi Simell, Senior DevOps Consultant at Eficode. Download PDF here

    Read another adventure of Larry: Monitoring

    Learn all about the strategies for monitoring you can use in your organization. Larry assures us that there won't be any issues (hopefully).

    Read DuckOps on monitoring

    Adapt for the future of AI-powered software development

    The landscape of software development is undergoing a transformative shift evidenced by the surge of Generative AI tools being introduced in 2023. Prepare your organization for the benefits and challenges that AI will be bringing to the table.

    As leading practitioners for more than 17 years, our team here at Eficode has seen trends come and go. Each year we present our views on the most important changes in software development. 

    In this guide, we’ll be exploring four key trends for 2024 that will define the intersection of AI and DevOps, including a look at:

    1. GenAI and the need for DevOps as a safety net
    2. Tooling consolidation for moving to big platforms
    3. Compliance and security
    4. Platform engineering is becoming more user-centric

    Download the guide: DevOps trends 2024

    We're always open to talking about DevOps and our managed services