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    DevOps training

    DevOps Academy at OsloMet

    • August 8 -11
    • Oslo
    • Free
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    A modern software training for students

    University is a great learning environment, but it doesn't always teach all the skills you need to be successful in a professional development team.

    The DevOps Academy is designed by experienced software professionals to provide the next generation of developers with the necessary skills to conquer the professional world. It is free for students and recent graduates from Computer Science and related disciplines, who have not found a full-time job yet.

    At the DevOps Academy, you'll receive intense instructor-led, hands-on training in tools such as Git, Docker, and Kubernetes. The training also consists of workshops in testing and problem-solving. Demos, hands-on exercises, and some LEGO games are also part of the agenda too.

    You'll get a good grasp of:

    • Git: Advanced version control in a team setting
    • CI/CD: get fast feedback on your code changes, deploy automatically on success
    • Docker: Build, Ship, Run anywhere. No more "it works on my machine"
    • Kubernetes: Cloud scale orchestration at your fingertips

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    Aug 2022




    Oslo Metropolitan University
    Pilestredet 35, 0166 Oslo

    Ellen Gleditschs hus: PH170, Gerd Hagens auditorium

    In-person event


    Free on-site training for students & recent graduates



    Hamzah hexagon

    Hamzah Mohamed

    Hamzah has over 5 years of hands-on experience working with Atlassian solutions such as Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket, ITSM, Opsgenie, Atlassian Access as well as cloud migrations.

    Hans Georg Næsheim

    Hans Georg Næsheim

    Hans joined Eficode Norway (formerly Praqma) in 2016. Since then he has worked with tool automation, cloud transitions, CI/CD, and training for multiple customers across different domains. He holds a degree in Informatics from NTNU.


    Neethu Philip

    Neethu Philip

    Neethu has an AWS cloud and CI/CD background and works with automating builds, containerization, and cloud migration. She is knowledgeable about business best practices, regulatory standards, and optimal control systems and is an experienced Atlassian consultant specializing in Cloud Migrations.


    Ali Safaie

    Ali Safaie

    Ali is a DevOps consultant with Azure cloud, IaC, and CI/CD background helping customers with a wide variety of tasks including setting up, improving, and upgrading Cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, containerisation and container orchestration.

    Alexandros Spartalis

    Alexandros Spartalis

    Alexandros is a DevOps engineer with a background in communications for ITS. He helps customers improve their CI/CD processes, automating workflows and improving quality assurance practices. He has a natural interest in data analysis and systems monitoring with the intention of using data in a meaningful way. Alexandros is also an experienced Atlassian consultant with a specialization in cloud migrations.


    Gheeth Siva

    Gheeth is a Technical Consultant and DevOps Specialist who masters different Linux and cloud environment. He has a particular interest in CI/CD, microservices, PAAS platforms and automation and the value this constitutes in collaboration with application development.