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    DEVOPS 2018 Copenhagen

    Scandinavia's DevOps event is back and bigger in 2018 and arriving in Copenhagen!

    Thanks to all DevOps Copenhagen 2018 visitors. See you again next year!

    Participants were be provided with the latest knowledge and insights on DevOps, by our keynote speakers and experts within the industry. This time focus of the event was on topics such as Integrating AI to full DevOps pipeline and the company DevOps transformation journey

    What is DevOps?

    DevOps is a common term used to describe a methodology, for how to improve the software delivery process through the use of automation and tools. The term originates from the strong desire to bring closer together development and IT operations through better and seamless collaboration. DevOps also includes reshaping the culture of working towards a common goal and integrate the tools which enable an automatic software development pipeline and continuous delivery process.

    Who is it for?

    The DEVOPS event series provides businesses all over Scandinavia with the latest in technology and implementation strategies,  with a view towards future scenarios of how DevOps will help drive business value up. DEVOPS 2018 aims to help companies understand how they can get more out of any DevOps initiative, by providing a program intended to build a robust communication bridge between technical teams and executives.

    Machine learning has become an essential part of any innovative product creation process. Leading global companies are now able to automatically learn not only from their customers but also from their product development directly. The future of DevOps is building an environment where learning and experimentation become the DNA of the employees, and where deep automation and analytics automatically takes care of continuous improvement.

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    Jan 2018

    8.00 AM

    Mogens Dahl Concert Hall
    Snorresgade 22, 2300 Copenhagen


    1 day