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    Webinar: DevOps for Executives

    A free morning Webinar

    Get a good grasp of DevOps as a concept

    This webinar is the way to get a good understanding of DevOps and the DevOps way of working. We will take you through some of the technical and organizational practices that research has proven to have a positive impact on software delivery and organizational performance. Some common challenges and misconceptions in DevOps and Agile transformations will be brought forward as well.

    After the presentation, participants will have the opportunity to put questions to our experienced speakers, so there is a lot of space for discussion. It’s a chance to talk to people who have seen many transformations and can clearly explain the benefits and pitfalls you can expect.

    You leave this webinar with inspiration on what strategic choices you would need to make in recruitment, training, culture, and technology to best situate your organization for success in DevOps.


    • What is DevOps? The Business Case for DevOps

    • DevOps Practices Strategies for Successful DevOps Transformations


    Note: This event could be run at your organization as an introductory seminar with a business approach to create a common understanding of DevOps.

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    Mar 2020

    10.00 AM CET




    1h 15min



    Mike Long

    Technical Director of Eficode Norway

    Mike spent 10 years in the oil and gas sector and has extensive experience delivering software in various cultures and industries. He helps organize several community events and conferences, including Continuous Delivery Academy which teaches Continuous Delivery to university students. Mike is a trustee on the cyber-dojo foundation.