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    On-demand webinar

    Embrace platform engineering to deliver business value

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    Discover the platform engineering approach of two financial organizations

    Platforms are the means for developers to get the work done. But good developer experience (DX) isn't just a luxury; it's a strategic imperative—attracting and retaining talented developers.

    Join us for a discussion with Millennium BCP and Bankdata experts, Thomas and Nuno, as they share real-world examples and best practices of how their teams approach platform engineering.

    Discover how a focus on DX can empower your team to reduce cognitive overload, deliver value, and revolutionize your development process.

    Gain insights into:

    • Tackling cognitive overload and improving developer experience head-on.
    • Understanding that tools are merely the means to an end in making developers' lives easier.
    • How platform engineering can be your secret weapon for enabling developers to deliver value.

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    Oct 2023

    12.00 PM CET




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    40 min presentations + 20 min discussion



    Thomas - bankdata (1)

    Thomas Højmark Grønbæk

    Senior Manager - Decentral SCM & CI, Bankdata

    Thomas leads two outstanding platform teams on a tireless queuest to deliver best-in-class support and state-of-the-art developer tools, toolchains and frameworks for more than 500 developers. Him and the teams have embraced platform engineering, providing insights and removing friction to make Bankdata's development teams go as fast as possible and continuously improve their software delivery performance.

    Nuno Guedes

    Cloud Compute Lead, Millennium BCP

    Nuno has been working on a development platform and is taking platform engineering quite seriously in Millennium BCP.
    andy allred

    Andy Allred

    Lead DevOps Consultant, Eficode

    Andy started his career as an electronic warfare and operations specialist in fast attack submarines. After ten years there, he spent several years working in the telecoms industry, working with various providers, vendors, and cloud use cases. Currently, he is advising and helping organizations to be successful in their cloud use and DevOps journeys for Eficode.

    He has worked in (and under) all corners of the globe. This vast experience has taught him to keep an open mind, look for all points of view, and find innovative solutions.

    Andy speaks at conferences about DevOps and cloud native solutions, and co-hosts the DevOps Sauna podcast.