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    AI in DevSecOps: Exploring GitLab's AI-powered platform

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    Maximize your software development with GitLab's AI-powered DevSecOps platform

    Ready to enhance your software development processes with the power of GitLab's AI-driven features? We invite you to join the experts from GitLab & Eficode in our webinar, "AI in DevSecOps: Exploring Gitlab's AI-powered Platform". This event will provide invaluable insight into Gitlab's AI-enhanced DevSecOps platform and demonstrate how it can revolutionize your software development practices.

    Unleash the power of AI in DevSecOps

    GitLab experts (to be announced) will present the keynote, offering a detailed overview of the AI-powered platform and emphasizing how GitLab's commitment to innovation and AI has led to the creation of this groundbreaking tool. See the platform in action as we showcase real use cases across various development scenarios. Our panel discussion will also delve into how GitLab users can utilize this AI-enhanced platform for heightened productivity while addressing the advantages and potential challenges of integrating it into large organizations.

    What you'll learn:

    • Understand the transformative potential of AI in DevSecOps for your software development processes.
    • Gain significant insights from industry pioneers on leveraging GitLab's AI platform for improved productivity and see actual use cases in operation.
    • Engage in a panel discussion and Q&A session to learn how to navigate potential hurdles and fully utilize this innovative platform to your advantage.