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    How to transform from project to product thinking with Jira Align

    • September 26
    • Online
    • Free
    Jira Align - future-4

    Unlock your organization's full potential by shifting from traditional project-based practices to Lean Portfolio Management

    Does your company have a mix of traditional and agile initiatives and find it challenging to manage both effectively? 

    Are you seeking an evolution to Lean Portfolio Management but feeling restrained by your current project management practices? If you resonate with these challenges, then this webinar is designed just for you.

    Join our upcoming webinar as we explore how Jira Align seamlessly integrates with your hybrid approach, enabling you to manage your projects and agile initiatives under the umbrella of Lean Portfolio Management. We're dedicated to navigating your organization's shift, away from outdated project management methods to a productive, future-ready approach.

    In this webinar you'll: 

    • Get a comprehensive understanding of the concept of Lean Portfolio Management.
    • Learn strategies on how to transition from traditional practices to Lean Portfolio Management.
    • Get insights on how Jira Align can be the game changer you seek for managing both traditional and agile initiatives.



    Sep 2023

    2.00 PM CET






    Free 45 min webinar + 15 min Q&A



    Chris Gargiulo

    Chris Gargiulo

    Director, Enterprise Solutions & Transformation Strategies at Eficode

    Chris has been a leader within all areas of IT, for more than 20 years. In his current role, Chris is directly involved in shaping transformation strategies. He works closely with executive and senior leaders, to understand their challenges and tailor a foundation from which consultants and technical experts can implement a variety of automation, tooling and infrastructure-related improvements.

    Henri Hämäläinen

    Henri Hämäläinen

    Lead Advisor - Organization, Product and Agile, Eficode

    The lead coach with experience in helping tens of organizations to become successful, including one unicorn. Favorite topics are product organization design, leading the change, and Agility throughout the organization.