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    On-demand webinar

    Measure your DevOps transformation

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    A free webinar for leaders in digital transformation

    Are you in the middle of a DevOps transformation? Or are you considering launching an enterprise DevOps initiative? If you are a leader within your organization then this webinar is for you.

    In this webinar, we present topics related to how key metrics can help you better understand the progress of your DevOps transformation, and how to use them to shape the right behaviors within your organization.

    We start with a presentation on why key measures are such an important part of any DevOps transformation strategy. Then, we dive into which specific metrics are most beneficial.


    • Understanding measures - metrics, KPIs, OKRs
    • Quantifying your initiative
    • A way to consider KPIs & measures
    • Visualizing your data - dashboards & alerts
    • Understanding your measures & KPIs
    • North Star Metric (Case study - executive definition using weighted factors)
    • Driving the wrong behaviors - beware

    See how we can help you measure your DevOps transformation


    1h 15 min

    Recorded on

    September 16, 2020


    Chris Gargiulo

    Chris Gargiulo

    Director, IT Delivery & Strategy at Eficode

    Chris has been a leader within all areas of IT, for more than 20 years. In his current role, Chris is directly involved in shaping transformation strategies. He works closely with executive and senior leaders, to understand their challenges and tailor a foundation from which consultants and technical experts can implement a variety of automation, tooling and infrastructure-related improvements. At the heart of this work is shaping our customer business and culture to working in newer, better and more efficient ways.

    Johan Abildskov

    Johan Abildskov

    DevOps Transformation Lead at Eficode Praqma

    Johan helps companies both with process and culture, but he does enjoy it when he can dive into the deep tech stuff. He is particularly fond of Git, Jenkins, Artifactory and Gradle as a tool stack. He maintains best darn Git exercises around and his favorite things to do are programming, music, gaming and being with his family.

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