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    How to measure DevOps performance to gain a competitive advantage

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    Having the right data and insights about DevOps performance will lead you to better decision-making giving you a competitive advantage. In this webinar, you will learn successful practices for measuring and visualizing DevOps performance and the pitfalls to avoid. We will also show how you can get a strong head start on measuring performance with Eficode ROOT Insights analytics solution.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    • Why measurement matters in your DevOps initiatives
    • What are the best practices and pitfalls when measuring
    • Live demo: how Eficode ROOT insights will help you measure your DevOps performance

    Learn how Eficode ROOT Insights brings transparency to your software production

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    Tuomas L

    Tuomas Leppilampi

    DevOps Team Lead, Eficode

    With an entrepreneurial background, Tuomas focuses on the balance of happiness, revenue and performance. He sees metrics as a tool to guide actions and aims to enable healthy business with culture and technology. As a DevOps Team Lead in Eficode, his favorite activities include building learning paths for specialists and helping technical people speak business.


    mika aho hexagon

    Mika Aho

    Head of R&D, Eficode

    Mika Aho has been a computer and technology enthusiast from a very young age. He started with software development, moved on into tools & processes, consulting, and DevOps. He has a keen interest in software quality, metrics, and automation. Currently, he is overseeing the research and development at Eficode and envisioning what the automation of tomorrow might look like.