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    Migrate to Atlassian Cloud
    - A chance to clean up and level up

    • March 30

    Start afresh - like when you move to a new home

    Now that Atlassian will no longer offer any server products (from February 2, 2024), companies are rushing to migrate to the cloud. The cloud itself has many benefits, but there are other powerful benefits of the actual migration, that you may not even realize. 

    While you have been using the server or DC version, things have automatically been “swept under the rug” over the years

    Just like when you move to a new home, this is your time to:

    1. Clean things up - rather than move them to a new rug
    2. Fix up your tools, now that you have a new modern home

    In this webinar two Atlassian Cloud migration experts will teach you:

    • How to reflect and improve on your current practices
    • The most common mistakes to avoid with your Atlassian tools
    • How to use this unique opportunity to clean up your tools 
    • How to get more out of your tooling
    • How to clean up your whole environment
    • What a typical migration process looks like

    Don’t miss this opportunity to clean up and level up your Atlassian tools when migrating to the cloud. Sign up now!



    Mar 2022

    12.00 PM


    2.00 PM




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    Free 30-min webinar



    Michel Antonio

    Atlassian Consultant, Eficode


    Rasmus Paltschik

    Atlassian Consultant, Eficode