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    Serverless applications with the RADON framework

    An introduction to a new set of tools to model and deploy serverless applications using the RADON framework

    Illustration for RADON2020 workshop -01

    Introduction to the RADON framework

    The RADON 2020 framework aims to simplify the definition and development of serverless-based applications by providing an IDE and graphical modeling tool, creating overview, and promoting reuse of functions across projects. The framework has seen its alpha release just in late 2020, so new additions are coming in at a high pace.

    Following the Webinar: Serverless: frameworks and applications, where we started a discussion on serverless, its use case, and the development of the RADON Framework, in this session, you will get an introduction to the framework and its toolstack, followed by a workshop where you have the opportunity to explore the tools in a series of guided labs.

    In this workshop you will:

    • Discover the RADON framework’s role in the industry adoption of serverless and FaaS technology
    • Learn how to utilize the framework to model and deploy serverless applications to the cloud
    • Get hands-on with a set of tools in the framework so you can assess the framework for yourself


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    Mar 2021

    4.00 PM CET


    16:00 CET

    17:00 EET


    2 h (including presentation and Q&A)



    Sofus Albertsen

    DevOps Consultant & Academy Headmaster at Eficode | Contributor at RADON

    Sofus is the Academy Headmaster at Eficode. He helps clients ship software faster to their customers by upskilling their teams in subjects like CI/CD, artifact management, and container applications. Before joining Eficode Praqma he was an assistant professor on an Applied Science Bachelor program.

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