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    On-demand event

    To the cloud and beyond

    Cutting edge DevOps in the cloud 2021

    You are invited to a unique mini-event where you will learn some smart ways to use the latest cloud tools to make your DevOps even better. A hand-selected group of experienced experts will inspire and show you the latest tips and tricks. 

    Master your day-to-day work. And get a clearer vision of the future.

    7 reasons to attend

    1. You want to evolve along with cloud tech
    2. You get inspiration and energy from like-minded people
    3. You want cool tips and new tactics
    4. You are interested in many tools, but research takes time 
    5. You want answers, or to hear your colleagues' questions
    6. You want to invest in yourself and your career
    7. It is online, fits into your day, and is available on-demand too

    Calling all DevOps and cloud warriors






    A compact agenda

    Kicking off the event, CTO Marko Klemetti will give an overview of current cloud trends, and what the next big things are. As public cloud and as-a-service models have become commodities, it's a good time to review what you should do to get the most out of it, and how to prepare for the future.

    Often when you do a “lift and shift” project, you end up with your application VM’s moving from one data center to a cloud one. That’s a good thing, but what does shifting actually mean? What can I actually do to shift my application forward? In this session session you will get a quick tour of serverless, authentications, automation and upgrading your application architectures. Later on, my fellow speakers will do deep-dives into some of these subjects.

    SSO, SAML, IdP, STS, MFA, SCP, GuardRail, IAM, Policy, Boundary, Role, Group, User, Assume, Delegate, Restrict, Allow, Deny, Confuse, Quit. Needless to say, it's been a pain. But access control doesn't have to be hard. Learn how to set up a beautiful user experience for AWS where you authenticate via SSO using your Azure AD credentials. We'll also take a look at the terminal and how to use SSO temporary credentials in the right way.

    Next.js has quickly become one of the most popular web application frameworks. But the official Next.js documentation does not cover in-depth how to deploy it. In this hands-on demo you will learn how to deploy a Next.js application to various providers, and also their pros and cons.

    What if your cloud environment includes cloud infrastructure components that have changing IPs, but need allow listing to access the service? In this session, you will learn one effective way to solve this in AWS.



    November 3, 2021
    9 am - 12 pm / CET




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    Free 3-hour online event

    Did you miss the event? Don't worry, we've recorded it

    Meet the speakers

    marko klemetti mrako hexagon

    Marko Klemetti

    Marko is CTO of Eficode. He is also a founder and advisor in many tech startups. Marko is a passionate programmer who believes that design systems and continuous deployment are the enablers of a modern development organization.


    Kalle Sirkesalo

    Kalle is CTO of Managed Services at Eficode, so he’s responsible for improving innovation, roadmaps, strategy and technical capabilities of the company’s managed services. He architected the Eficode ROOT SSO solutions, actively changing customers from waterfall to DevOps company, saving them millions in consultation costs. Outside work he plays Foxhole, sails during summers and has two cats.

    Kevin Jacob

    Kevin Jakob

    Kevin’s is a long and fascinating journey from southern India to Helsinki, Finland, via a mix of high-tech startups and age-old institutions. Kevin now works as a DevOps consultant where his focus is building sustainable communities where software development can excel.

    Adriaan Knapen

    Adriaan Knapen

    Adriaan is a DevOps Consultant at Eficode where he helps clients improve their development processes and build value-adding software. He specializes in cloud technologies, modern web development technologies, and optimizing developer tooling experiences. If he’s not using his free time to read HackerNews or fiddle with bleeding-edge technology, he likes to spend time in the kitchen and at the gym.

    Elmeri Poikolainen

    Elmeri Poikolainen

    Elmeri is DevOps Consultant at Eficode. He helps customers with cloud services, pipelines and test automation. He loves automating things and sharing knowledge. Outside of work he’s into long distance running, biking and gaming.

    Markus Suonto

    Markus Suonto

    Markus is a Cloud Architect at Eficode and  has been applying modern technologies to real world applications since 2015.
    He believes in always selecting the least painful solution amongst the viable ones. “Do not get lured into the paths of masochism”. Outside of work, he plays Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Forever, but also does occasional real-life activities. And he likes visiting his grandma. “She's awesome!”