On-demand webinar: How to deploy and scale Atlassian software in minutes

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Atlassian applications are mission critical in a lot of organizations, and managing a clustered setup of Data Center applications is challenging. Following a DevOps and Cloud Native approach, we created a unique solution to run Atlassian installations within Kubernetes. It’s called Atlassian Software in Kubernetes (ASK) and it’s open source.

Join this webinar with the creators of ASK, Tim and Henrik, to learn about this easy-to-manage system where everything is defined as code. 

We will show you how to spin up an Atlassian application, in this case Jira Software, in Data Center mode on a Kubernetes cluster to allow for easier scaling, resiliency and automatic service discovery. 

In addition, we will use Rook-Ceph for the stateful applications persistent storage to demonstrate how to deploy and use a highly available shared file system with support for ReadWriteMany needed by the active/active clustered Jira nodes.

Key learning points:

    1. Deploying, scaling, and updating the Jira Data Center on a Kubernetes cluster
    2. Considerations when migrating to a container orchestrator
    3. Highly available resilient shared file system with support for dynamic storage provisioning
    4. How Kubernetes snapshot functionality works


tim round photo

Timothy Harris, Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant with around 20 years experience in development, operations, continuous integration and delivery. Tim Harris has extensive experience in tooling around DevOps practices like CI servers, binary artifact systems, version control systems, static analysis, Atlassian tools, and more. Tim has spent a great deal of time helping development teams implement Agile processes and practices on Atlassian applications and implementing CI/CD.

henrik round photo

Henrik René Høegh, Cloud Native Consultant

With more than 15 years experience in operations, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery on Atlassian, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes and Jenkins, Henrik Høegh works as a Senior Consultant. He is one of the driving forces behind Atlassian Software in Kubernetes (ASK). He speaks regularly at meet-ups and conferences, and also organizes meet-ups as part of the Cloud Native Nordics community.