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    On-demand webinar: How to choose between Jira Cloud and Jira Server?

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    45 min + 15 min QA

    There are several places for hosting your Atlassian tools. Making the decision can be difficult but don’t worry - we’ve got your back!

    In this webinar, our experienced Atlassian expert will compare Jira Cloud and Jira Server, and go through their differences. You will learn what hosting option will suit your organization best. After this webinar, you will know exactly what to choose and why.

    The webinar is targeted at anyone considering these two options, both at technical persons and management.

    What will you learn in this webinar?

    1. What are the differences between Jira Cloud and Jira Server
    2. What are the features of these options
    3. Which option is suitable for your organization


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    Thomas Hargreaves

    Thomas is one of our consultants working in Aarhus. Before joining Eficode Praqma, Thomas was working as a Jira specialist at MiR. Besides running his own D&D campaign and also playing as part of one, he likes playing all sorts of games. Creating a family of his own is one of his dreams.