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    Improve developer experience with Atlassian Compass

    • June 18
    • 1 PM (CET)
    Compass webinar-1

    Meet Atlassian’s platform engineering tool Compass

    In today's fast-paced software development environment, developers face increasing challenges as they juggle more tools, each adding layers of complexity to their roles. 69% of developers have reported an increase in the number of tools they use, while 55% feel these tools complicate their tasks rather than simplify them. 

    This complex set up makes it difficult to maintain a clear overview of overall product quality and application health for both developers and their management.  

    In this webinar you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of how Compass can enhance your team's happiness and productivity by centralizing the management of software components and dependencies, enhancing visibility, and enforcing standardized practices across development teams.

    In this webinar you’ll learn:

    • What Compass is and how it can improve developer experience and productivity
    • Demo: How to track and get a full overview of your products quality and health 
    • Eficode’s best practices and insights from decades of experience within platform engineering

    Join us to transform the way your team develops software, making every aspect of your process more visible and manageable. 


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    Jun 2024

    1.00-2.00 PM CET




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    Henri Hamalainen

    Lead Advisor - Organization, Product and Agile, Eficode

    The lead coach with experience in helping tens of organizations to become successful, including one unicorn. Favorite topics are product organization design, leading the change, and Agility throughout the organization.