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    Good news

    The Eficode guide to test automation and Robot Framework has been upgraded!

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    Enjoy a new, broader guide 

    Test automation does not live in a vacuum. There are many surrounding subjects to master - or at least have a fair understanding of - to build quality into your software development. 

    That is why we have taken some of the aspects of the hugely popular Test Automation and Robot Framework guide, and expanded on it. We hope you enjoy the new guide.

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    Dynamically scalable test environment on top of Kubernetes

    Watch the talk of Joonas Lehtimäki at ROBOCON 2019

    “The benefits that dynamic & scalable test automation environments can bring are huge! Open Source technologies like Zalenium help organizations to unify their test environments, cut off their costs and bring extra features to the table,” said Joonas Lehtimäki, Eficode.

    Test automation

    In just a few years, test automation has become an essential part of functional, customer-oriented product development. In order to utilize organizations’ core competencies as effectively as possible, repetitive routine tasks must be handed over to computers.

    Test automation enables an agile organization and real-time quality control

    Test automation brings quality assurance to configuration and implementation. When the requirements set for a product are linked to automatically executed test cases, software implementation and the fulfilling of requirements can be monitored in real-time. If automatic tests are also written in natural language, the entire development organization may engage in an open discussion with the help of the requirements and the related automatic tests. This reduces misunderstandings and helps to react to changes much faster.

    How can we help you with test automation? Read more

    Robot Framework

    The development of Robot Framework started at Nokia Networks in 2005 and in ten years it became the standard tool for organizations during the development and testing phase.

    The strength of Robot Framework lies in the fact that automatically executed test cases are written in a reusable and intelligible form.

    The tests are connected to the tested system using test libraries, ensuring that test cases can always be written in the same way regardless of the environment. Thus, the entire development organization can use the same tool for test automation and writing uniform test cases.

    A common solution for acceptance texting

    Robot Framework is a generic application framework designed to be easily expandable and created from the very beginning specifically for acceptance testing and its automation. Robot expresses business requirements as test cases written in natural language, and actual testing measures are carried out using libraries that integrate different testing programs and technologies together to make the computer do what has traditionally been done manually by a tester.

    It is easy to accept Robot Framework as the starting point and foundation on which to build full test automation, whether the tested software is a simple mobile app or a customer relationship management system consisting of multiple different programs.

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    Embedded device test automation

    DevOps sauna podcast with Alice from Eficode

    "Very often developers that haven't done test automation, don't even consider it until you start talking with them and they realize 'Yeah, it's a catch-22'. You haven't seen it before, you haven't tried it, but you have to design for it. So the earlier you do it, the better," said Alice.

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