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Humans of Eficode

Everyone has a story to tell. Meet the Humans of Eficode.

Latest stories

Latest stories


Of course, my life is not perfect but I know the things that I don't like and the things that I do like. I do my best to make it better. My parents are still in Venezuela and that is sometimes tough, and to this day one of my greatest joys is when we actually get the opportunity to be all together. Something special about my family is that we are united by food. I am very passionate about pizza. I do a lot of research about ingredients, techniques and styles. I enjoy making my own pizzas at home. This comes from my childhood, my mom would always make pizza on Fridays. 20 years later we still keep this tradition. My brother lives with his family in Sweden, my parents in Venezuela. Despite the distance, we still make pizza on Fridays, and always let the others know how our pizza turned out.

Daniel, DevOps consultant at Eficode since 2018



Being JB is having a chill & an open mind but at the same time being responsible. I love to help people around me.

Appreciation of the small things make me smile and there are so many reasons to smile about.

The biggest dream for me as a designer, is to be able to contribute in to breaking stereotypes in the world with my design.

This is the reason I have done a coloring book. My friend's photos from Tanzania made us think about how we could use drawing skills for a better humanity.

Jangbae, Designer at Eficode since 2018.



I would like to learn to thank people. I’m grateful to so many people, and I often tell others how someone has helped me or how I’ve learned something from someone.

Some people never get thanked in time. There is one guy whom I always give as an example. This guy was a really good chef in great restaurants. He helped us with coffee. He had really strong opinions about how coffee should be perfect, but other things should be decent enough.

I am a perfectionist, and he taught me that it is okay if sometimes things are only decent. You can’t concentrate on everything at once. He was a really talented guy.

But then 2-3 weeks ago this guy passed away. I think he had depression, and his friends told me that maybe more people should have said that he was doing a great job. I felt so bad as I didn’t have a chance to say thank you. Of course I don’t blame myself and we were not really close, but I think maybe people should say thank you more often to the people they are grateful for.

Kaisa, Software Engineer at Eficode since 2018



Once, at another company, a girl from marketing came over to where a group of developers were sitting. She was asking for quotes on why we liked working there. All my colleagues said how they liked different challenges, how their day is never boring etc and then she came to me. I paused for a while, took a minute and said, "you know, I like the people. The people are cool". She wrote that down and started to go away.

I called her back, "Please, I can say more sophisticated things than that", but she protested, "No this is pretty cool". Well, the fliers were printed and when it came out, under my name, it was written, "I like the people, the people are cool". And my friends erased the word 'the' and it finally read "I like people, people are cool". It made me look very simple.

But I guess that's me, I am Mekbib, and I am simple. I'm on a quest to discover and live out the profound, hidden in the deceiving simplicity of the simple. And I do like people.

Mekbib, Software Developer at Eficode since 2018


Yunhui-Humans of Eficode


I’m passionate about all things that happen in my life, and I believe that all things happen for good. With this mindset, I embrace all challenges and even the harder times in my life. The thing that I value the most in my life is appreciation. I can never be the person I am today without the support I’ve received from all the people I met along the way.

Being a Digital Marketing Specialist at Eficode gives me a lot of energy, as it’s a role that has plenty of rooms for new tech, creative and growth. I enjoy every bit of my time as a digital marketing specialist, especially every morning as I start my day by analyzing our dashboards and optimizing what we’re doing accordingly.

I’d like to end my story with a saying that I received from a previous employer “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter thank you think”.

Yunhui, Digital Marketing Specialist at Eficode since 2018




I’m a person with always a smile on my face and I like to show that to other people. In my opinion, showing that positiveness to others encourages them to be positive too, and that’s something really important when you are working as part of a team.

I’m very demanding with myself and I try to always get better and improve in different aspects of my life. Opportunities don’t come to you, you need to get out there, roll up your sleeves, and fight for them. I have worked very hard in my life to achieve different things, and I have always had that mindset.

Now I’m trying to set up an Eficode football team with some colleagues. I want to share good times with them out of the office and I think playing football is a great opportunity. There have already been some interested people and the idea is to start sometime in autumn (all Eficodeans are welcome!).

Something I also like to do here in Finland is to enjoy nature and to have a peaceful time where I can deal with my thoughts. Finland’s forests are just the best for that!

Felipe, Inside Sales Manager at Eficode since 2019




I try to see things positively. I can, however get annoyed when technology doesn’t work properly or is poorly designed, as it feels like my domain somehow. I know what good technology looks like, and it can frustrate me to see it done so poorly sometimes.

At Eficode, I like that anyone here can attend trainings and expand their expertise, and that this is actively encouraged. In one of my projects this year me and my co-worker got full marks in every category from our client, which doesn’t happen very often. I was really proud of that achievement, and our boss even specially congratulated us for it.

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a concrete dream, but in general I would like to be successful enough to be able to travel and enjoy life to the fullest, but not at the expense of my own health or anything like that. (Read Thomas' full story on our blog!)

Thomas, UX Specialist at Eficode since 2017


Veneta, Humans of Eficode


I really like learning new things, so last November I went to an event called HackTalks in Helsinki. I ended up in a workshop where Eficode’s CTO Marko Klemetti was showing how to setup a modern development pipeline using containers and cloud. Back then I didn't know much about DevOps but I found it really interesting.

He seemed so passionate and excited about it (he still is), so I thought to myself that I'd like to work in such company where people are using the latest technologies and are passionate about what they do. I didn't really wait for a perfect opportunity to join the company, but I created one, so here I am!

I am a software engineer in ROOT R&D team. Our team does a lot of different aspects of the development- full-stack development, DevOps, testing etc. I am personally doing more front-end at the moment. Just finished refactoring a big code base, so now I'm fixing some Robot tests :)

Yes, I'm a software engineer, but I don't read only technical articles and documentations :D I like history and psychology as well. I think people should try to be better than they were yesterday and work on themselves constantly.

Dave Grohl had a quote which goes something like that "That's one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they'll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons.". I like being one of these 85 000 people, I think that's pretty awesome. :)

Veneta, Software Engineer in the Eficode ROOT team since 2019


Heidi Aho


I moved away from Finland when I was four and started going to an American International School in the Netherlands. We moved to Holland because my dad got a job there. Thankfully I had a big sister who was 8 and super talkative, so my Finnish didn’t deteriorate too much right away. But over the years I have to say English took over. Most of my life was in English and, even though I always spoke Finnish to my parents at home, I eventually started speaking English to my big sister too.

When I was thinking about what universities to go to, I dreamt of going to England, the land where the language I’d come to love so much originated. So, at 18 I moved to England and ended up living there for 8 years. That’s where I met my partner, and we moved to Helsinki together in 2016.

I didn’t feel like I could settle down anywhere before experiencing what living in Finland was like as an adult. We’ve both picked up our careers here and now I sometimes find my Finnish taking over. Thankfully, you never lose a language, rather it always lives within you waiting to be woken up.

Heidi, Senior Content Writer at Eficode since 2018




Life is exactly what you make out of it. "Treat other people the way you wish them to treat you" is a very good rule of thumb. I enjoy being around interesting people with disruptive ideas. As for my work at Eficode, the German-speaking market is huge with great potential for companies like us. It's not an easy market as you need to know how to operate on both tactical and strategic levels. Having done that successfully before makes the task a lot easier. Due to its size, it also has many different regions within the country, all with their local special character to it. From a cultural point of view it is not that far away from the values that we cherish in the Nordics. I grew up in Switzerland and completed my lower elementary school there, so my German is strong. I also had the opportunity to complete a couple of internships for couple of German companies while studying which then lead to a longer assignment in Stuttgart. Both of my sons speak fluent German and my youngest was born there.

Petteri, Country Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, at Eficode since 2018




I studied film in Tallinn and moved over to Helsinki for an internship at an advertising company. I care about people a lot. I am a storyteller so I really enjoy talking to people and learning about their stories. And Eficode definitely has interesting people.

We spent most of our time at the office and I think it becomes another home for you. I think that’s why I came up with the Humans of Eficode campaign. I wanted to tell the stories of the people I work with who have become my family, my friends. I have many fears. Even my fears have fears! But my biggest fear is not realising myself and not doing my best in life. Actually, one of my favourite films summarises it for me: “I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid I haven't been alive enough.”

Dila, Video Content Producer at Eficode since 2016.


Chris Gargiulo


My wife is Danish and after living in London for several years, we wanted to move to Denmark. I worked for Maersk, the shipping company, for nearly 7 years before joining Eficode. The thing I care about most is my family. I've always been a family oriented person and feel lucky to have the type of family I do. I also care a lot about the environment, when it comes to my kids and the world they will be growing up in.

Because of this, we do as much as we can to help support green ways of living and the kids are really into this. I'd have to say that another important thing about life is being able to enjoy it, both at home and at work in a way that provides meaning and balance. Having a good place to work, like Eficode, can make a huge difference in how your time at home and with your family can be spent. For that, I am very thankful. It helps me support our people and our customers in a meaningful way.

For me, the most important part of leadership is to serve those who you are responsible for, in ways that benefit them, not you. It often means doing the mundane tasks or less glamorous work at times, so that others can get on with doing their best for our customers.

Chris, Director of IT Delivery & Strategy (Denmark) at Eficode since 2017




The three things I care about most in life is time, health, and humanity. It’s been over two years at Eficode, time flies so fast! Here I work for different customers to build DevOps culture and provide the suitable tools to support modern software production. The main reason I moved to Finland was to follow the move of my husband to pursue his doctoral studies. I am happy here today in Finland, as it is the best place with a great combination of nature, life, and innovation.

Eficode being a leading DevOps firm, its flexible work hours, Friday breakfasts & trainings looked positive to me and attracted me to join Eficode. My educational background made it possible for me to step into the software industry. My experiences working with different technologies means I’m a continuous learner. Seeing other women thrive, excel, and fulfil their dreams doing great meaningful work that they love should empower others and further achieve equality.

Manvisha, Consultant at Eficode since 2017


Mikko Drocan


I would love to achieve something that’s really mind blowing one day. Running an ultra-trail (something like 60+ km) is not enough for me. A trail run for 30 hours or a 24-hour cycling trip or something like that would change my world. It would challenge me both mentally and physically.

I like to challenge myself to do something valuable and challenge others too. And see whether I can learn something new, fail, and then get back up when I finally achieve what I was aiming for. At work, when the code is in version control or documented in some way, I can repeat that effort with automation and possibly teach it to others as well.

Mikko, DevOps Lead at Eficode since 2017