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    Praqma continues its journey as Eficode

    praqma eficode team

    Praqma is part of Eficode

    In May 2019, Eficode and Praqma joined forces to serve clients across the Nordics and Europe and build the future of software. Now we are united under one brand: Eficode.

    Same services, same contracts for clients

    We still help organizations sharpen their axes with our Continuous Delivery consulting services, training courses, and Atlassian expertise across Scandinavia. The only difference is that now the consultancy that you’re getting your service from is bigger, even more knowledgeable, and more ready to shape DevOps in Europe than ever before. 

    New name, same people

    The good people of Praqma are still working to help you with your DevOps transformation and Continuous Delivery implementation. We keep on engaging with the community by organizing events and contributing to open source projects. 

    Adam Henriques

    +45 28 12 90 94

    When we started Praqma, we wanted the company to make a difference in the world of software. With Eficode and Praqma joining forces today, I believe that we can make a bigger impact together, and I look forward to this new adventure

    Leif Sørensen
    Former CEO and co-founder of Praqma

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    Always ready to help you


    DevOps transformation

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    Atlassian services

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    Cloud capabilities

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    Training courses

    We're always open to talking about DevOps and Continuous Delivery

    Always sharing our knowledge

    With the DevOps for executives guide, our experts share their knowledge on the fundamentals of DevOps, how to scale it across your organization, and how DevOps can improve your business outcomes.

    Based on years of experience from the world of embedded software, we created a guide on Developing embedded software with DevOps. Learn how to overcome the challenges of complex production environments.

    DevOps for Embedded software guideDevOps for executives guide

    Always powering DevOps events

    CoDe-Conf, meet-ups, hackathons, DevOpsDays,  Day of Jenkins, and more... We've always enjoyed hosting, organizing, and supporting community events. Today, we keep on powering events as Eficode, just better, and in more countries.

    We have merged our annual DevOps and Continuous Delivery conference, CoDe-Conf, with DEVOPS 2020. It's called The DEVOPS conference and it's online and free. When possible, we'll run the Copenhagen edition too.

    Join The DEVOPS conference
    johan abildskov at code-conf 2018