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Eficode appoints Hans Parvikoski as Chief Financial Officer

Hans Parvikoski Eficode CFO 2024

Helsinki, Finland, 2 April 2024 -  Hans Parvikoski has been appointed Chief Financial Officer at Eficode. In his new role, he is also a member of the Group Management Team. Hans Parvikoski has a broad finance background in IT services companies, both private-equity-owned and stock-listed. His extensive career as a CFO, spanning over 15 years, has primarily been focused on the IT and technology services sector.

“Over the previous five years, Eficode has evolved from a Finnish DevOps pioneer to a leading European company in Atlassian, GitHub, and GitLab technologies and Agile, DevOps, and Cloud consulting. Our commitment to expanding our global presence, organically and inorganically, remains steadfast. We welcome Hans to the CFO role and to the management team. He brings a wealth of experience to our company and the management team and supports Eficode in its next wave of growth.” says Ilari Nurmi, CEO at Eficode.

Before joining Eficode, Hans Parvikoski served as a Chief Financial Officer in Avidly, Digitalist Group & Network, and Idean, and also had various positions in Business Control. Hans has a Master of Science in Economics, majoring in Accounting with International Marketing and Business Law studies. Hans also holds a Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA) Diploma from Aalto University Executive Education.

“Eficode's high growth ambitions and inspiring company culture align with my professional history. I am deeply impressed with the company's achievements in recent years and eagerly look forward to joining the Eficode journey and participating in its continued growth. Eficode offers me new avenues for personal and professional growth.” says Hans Parvikoski, Chief Financial Officer at Eficode.

Media contacts

Hans Parvikoski, Chief Financial Officer, Eficode,, +358 40 5866 154

Ilari Nurmi, Chief Executive Officer, Eficode., +358 40 577 5084 

Lauri Palokangas, Chief Marketing Officer, Eficode., +358 50 486 4918 

About Eficode

Eficode is the leading provider of DevOps solutions in Europe that drive real impact. With 580 employees in 10 different countries, Eficode empowers organizations to create a software development culture that unlocks their potential with the right ways of working, the right tools, and the right skills.

Eficode provides customers with DevOps and Agile skills and practices, enabling organizational growth with their Application Management, Atlassian services, and Eficode ROOT Managed DevOps platform – a managed service with 50+ preferred tools (Atlassian, GitLab, GitHub, and Kubernetes).