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Eficode reports a 71% growth in revenue, with solid profits and customer success


Global expansion, more and larger customers, and high customer satisfaction—all driven by DevOps, Agile, ITSM, and technology partnerships

Helsinki, 20 February 2024 – Eficode continued its strong financial and customer growth during the second half of 2023. The reported revenue of the Eficode Group between July and December 2023 exceeded 123 million euros. This is an impressive  71% growth compared to the previous year. On a pro forma basis, the growth in July-December 2023 was 24% compared to the year before.

Eficode acquired Avoset Oy in August 2023 and merged it into Eficode Finland at the end of the year. Finland is Eficode’s home market and now represents approximately one-fifth of the total revenues. 

Meanwhile, Eficode United Kingdom was recognized with the Number One position in the Best Companies to Work For award.

International demand and software development tools drive services growth

Large and international companies continue to invest in software development excellence tools. Eficode signed major contracts with them to consult on the Atlassian, GitLab, and GitHub solutions:

  • One of the world’s largest communications, advertising, and public relations companies consolidated more than 150 organizations globally into one secure GitHub Enterprise environment

  • One of the world's leading manufacturers of play materials selected Eficode to align, support, and manage Atlassian, both GitHub Enterprise, and GitLab environments

  • An international video technology and software company established a Continuous Delivery architecture to meet international regulations and acceptable maintainability standards

  • A mobile and fixed broadband operator, DNA, seeks to utilize all the benefits of  GitHub Copilot

  • A major German private and corporate insurance company selected Eficode ROOT to deliver GitLab and HashiCorp solutions as a managed service

  • A major university of technology in Netherlands chose Eficode to provide Atlassian’s Jira and Confluence services as a managed service

  • A Finnish game development giant selected Eficode ROOT to deliver Atlassian and GitHub environments for their employees

Large international projects mean Eficode increasingly employs people across borders. During the second half of 2023, the services provided from any Eficode office to a customer in another country grew over 60% compared to the year before.

Investing in customers and reaping customer success

Eficode’s customer satisfaction survey showed that last fall, 92% of Eficode’s customers were satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience with Eficode. Customers appreciate and rate highly the technical know-how of Eficodeans, service quality, and the speed of service.

Eficode announced a new customer experience management solution for Eficode ROOT: Eficode Journey. With Eficode Journey, customers can:

  • Find any information related to their services

  • Maintain a dashboard overview of billing, spend patterns, uptime metrics, and tickets’ SLA fulfillment

  • Engage with Eficode personnel for support and enquiries.

“I am delighted with our business performance over the past six months. Especially considering how exceptional the market environment has been—particularly in the Nordics.”, says Ilari Nurmi, CEO of Eficode. “ I want to thank our people and customers for the outstanding work they have done together. We have a perfect foundation for a promising new year.”

Accessibility services mature, and is also a Software as a Service

Eficode’s accessibility and user experience services kept growing in significance. The company launched  Eficode Accessibility Keeper, a Software as a Service offering for monitoring accessibility. The service automatically monitors the accessibility of web services, providing detailed and understandable information about the service's status and potential correction needs.

During the half year, a large financial institution signed an agreement with Eficode to ensure the accessibility and usability of its online banking services and websites.

The DEVOPS Conference keeps growing locally

The DEVOPS Conference is a recurring event, gathering thousands of people online and on-site every year. In 2023, speakers from Google, GitHub, GitLab, Spotify, Pinterest, the New York Times, Daimler Trucks, Velux, PayPal, Saxo Bank, BankData, Cisco, and Visma took the stage and shared their stories. In 2024 Eficode is organizing The DEVOPS Conference in London on March 14th.

Media contacts

Ilari Nurmi, Chief Executive Officer, Eficode., 358 40 577 5084

Lauri Palokangas, Chief Marketing Officer, Eficode., +358 50 486 4918

About Eficode

Eficode is the leading provider of DevOps solutions in Europe that drive real impact. With nearly 600 employees in 10 different countries, Eficode empowers organizations to create a software development culture that unlocks their potential with the right ways of working, the right tools, and the right skill set.

Eficode provides customers DevOps and Agile skills and practices, enabling organizational growth with their Application Management, Atlassian services, and Eficode ROOT Managed DevOps platform–a managed service with 50+ preferred tools (Atlassian, GitLab, GitHub, and Kubernetes).