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The DEVOPS Conference prepares organizations globally for the rise of AI

Eficode, the leading DevOps company in Europe, will be hosting The DEVOPS Conference - Global in London and online on March 14th, exploring the latest trends in the DevOps ecosystem, including GenAI and platform engineering.

With the growing increase of generative AI tools being utilized by software development teams worldwide, organizations today are looking to find ways to define the intersection between DevOps and AI, including the need to use DevOps as a safety net for AI.

“Software development is in a transformative shift, driven by the rise of generative AI tools popularized in 2023. GenAI removes the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of software development while helping DevOps accelerate the software delivery.”- Marko Klemetti, CTO at Eficode.

The DEVOPS Conference - Global is the leading event for sharing DevOps knowledge and expertise, and staying connected with software industry professionals and higher management across a variety of companies and different geographical locations. For 2024, The DEVOPS Conference - Global will focus on the impact of the rise of AI and the growing need for platform engineering. Attendees both in London and globally online will experience a day of sharing challenges and ideas with their peers from small and large organizations, as well as technology providers, and enjoy a cutting-edge agenda on the best practices in software, DevOps, and product management.

Supported by Atlassian, its leading partner, The DEVOPS Conference will anable attendees will take away actionable insights from insightful talks given by experts worldwide, including world-renowned product management expert, Melissa Perri, Co-author of Team Topologies, Matthew Skelton; CEO of Open UK, Amanda Brock. Speakers from industry-leading organizations in the DevOps space will also be attending, including the LEGO group, J.P. Morgan, and Lockheed Martin.

Media contacts

Lauri Palokangas, Chief Marketing Officer, Eficode., +358 50 486 4918 

Eficode is the leading provider of DevOps solutions in Europe that drive real impact. With nearly 600 employees in 10 different countries, Eficode empowers organizations to create a software development culture that unlocks their potential with the right ways of working, the right tools, and the right skill set.

Eficode provides customers DevOps and Agile skills and practices, enabling organizational growth with their Application Management, Atlassian services, and Eficode ROOT Managed DevOps platform–a managed service with 50+ preferred tools (Atlassian, GitLab, GitHub, and Kubernetes).