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    DevOps platform benefit calculator

    Build your business case for the DevOps platform

    Discover eficode root
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    The final evidence you need to secure your funding

    Convince yourself and your management by building a business case for the Eficode ROOT DevOps platform, and see for yourself all the hard dollar savings. This business case is based on your software development metrics, and your financial team can review your business case without needing to understand DevOps. You get the Eficode ROOT DevOps platform, they get the savings. It’s a win-win!

    We also offer a FREE business value workshop where we can go deeper into underlying assumptions. To get a taste, fill in the blanks, and submit a form, and we will send you a personalized summary with more information. Let’s build a personalized business case for you!

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    Benefit summary

    Your business case in numbers

    Net present value (NPV)

    Return on Investment

    Payback time

    Total costs

    Total benefits

    Your business case over time

    Initial costs

    Cumulative results: Year 1

    Cumulative results: Year 2

    Cumulative results: Year 3