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    Eficode ROOT

    Release notes v2019.2

    Efimo release note

    Major changes


    • ROOT Hub has been released, you can read more about it here.
    • RTM v1.2 has been released. This means:
      • Support for a large amount of users
        • Fixed: Sync from RTM LDAP to external tools takes a longer time than it should
        • Added pagination for users, groups, bots and memberships
        • Improved database performance
      • Improvements to adding users to group via UI
        • Added scrolling list of users when adding users to group
      • Improvements to password reset functionality
      • User and group search improved
      • Registration token expiration improvements
      • Bugfixes
        • Adding a bot as admin to a group no longer gives http 500 error
        • Space character now works properly in user search box
        • Group admins are now always able to remove non-admin group members
        • Searching by first name last name when adding users to group now works properly
        • Private group members are now visible to other members of the group
        • When editing a group to be private it now correctly shows  up in private filter
        • Unlock buttons are now not displayed to normal users (related to bruteforce prevention)
        • Private icon is now showing up properly in group/bot creation
      • Improved successful password reset redirect to login page, it also now displays the success message correctly
      • Close button added for users, groups, and bots creation popup
      • Improved UI of users, groups, and bots creation
      • Added several API endpoints for users / groups
        • User by name
        • Group by name
        • Get all users groups by username
        • Get all users groups by user uuid
        • Get all users groups for the authenticated user
      • Reduced the amount of queries needed for verifying policy rules, this decreases log pollution and increases performance
      • Logout dropdown had greyed out text which was changed to a darker color (black) to avoid confusion
      • Private icon place changed
      • SAML-auth component improved in multiple ways
      • Refactored group membership evaluations in the backend, this increases RTM performance
      • Added an endpoint for checking validity of password reset token, this prevents confusion when trying to reset password with expired token

    Minor changes

    • Artifactory has been updated from the 6.8.6 to the version 6.9.2
    • JFrog Xray 2.8.0 implements support for additional server side security hardening along with fixes to bugs and issues discovered in the earlier releases
    • Jenkins LTS minor update to 2.164.3 LTS
    • Helix TeamHub has been updated to 2019.1.1 
      • Performance of Helix TeamHub LDAP server has been massively improved, and it can now support even larger deployments than before. Helix TeamHub can be used as a centralized user and group management tool for any application that supports standard LDAP set up.
    • Jira addon updates: