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    World-class product owner training

    Give your Product Owners the best possible chance to steer your products toward success

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    Product Owner is the most important role in Agile. A good one prioritizes work effectively, ensuring the team works on the right things, with the right specifications. This protects the team’s time and energy, making them less stressed and delivering higher quality work.

    In this modular, tailored training program, your Product Owners will get the tools they need to be successful in their important work.

    Key reasons to give your Product Owners this training:

    • The POs will prioritize better, keeping work focused on the right features and specifications, at the right time
    • Your management will more clearly see what is being done, and when
    • The POs will more efficiently manage stakeholders and communication
    • Your teams will have a better team spirit and be more self-organized
    • The POs will have a consistent - and consistently high - competence level throughout your organization

    Prerequisites and format

    This training program is designed for Product Owners with a few years of experience. It is divided into half-day modules. Each module is focused on a specific area of product ownership. You choose the modules that best meet your environment and needs. We can also customize the modules and exercises. 

    We typically schedule the modules 1-3 weeks apart. This allows participants to put the skills into practice immediately, before returning to learn more.


    4, 6 or 8 half-day training modules


    Classroom or remote training


    Experienced Product Owners, Project Managers, and Product Managers

    Elevate your Product Owners and they will improve everything around your product

    Contact us and we’ll find the perfect training plan for your Product Owners.

    Investing in training does wonders for your products

    Prioritize better

    Ensure your products have the right features, right specifications and the right release scope, following the set timelines.

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    Give management full visibility

    Make sure management has enough insight into the development status, problems, and plans.

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    Boost the quality of work through less team stress  

    Working at a lower stress level, your product teams deliver better quality and can manage the level of technical debt. 

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    Align all Product Owners’ skills around the organization

    Build a community for your Product Owners, where they share practices and experiences. When everyone works with the same toolset, there will be less conflict and confusion within the organization.

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    Modules your unique training will be based on


    Product ownership is one of the most important roles in product development. In this module, you learn how to become an even better PO for the team and the organization.

    Topics included:

    • Why Product Ownership is important
    • Product Ownership in Kanban vs. Scrum
    • Typical routines for Product Owners
    • The most common anti-patterns of Product Owners

    One key aspect of PO work is to understand customer and market needs and prioritize the backlog accordingly. In this module, you learn how to prioritize right.

    Topics included:

    • How to get access to users
    • Turning data into insights
    • The basics of prioritization
    • How to prioritize in large organizations, using epics

    The backlog is the Product Owner’s most important tool. So managing the backlog well is key to team and product success. This module teaches you how to do just that.

    Topics included:

    • Characteristics of a healthy backlog
    • Managing the size of the backlog
    • How to organize for efficient backlog management
    • How to manage bugs

    Items in product backlogs are often described in the form of user stories. In this module you learn how to create better epics and user stories.

    Topics included:

    • What epics are, and how to use them
    • Definition of Ready (DoR)
    • Using story maps to organize
    • Writing and splitting user stories

    When doing Agile well, you want to improve the way the work is refined before starting it. Learn how, through refinement and planning, your team can implement more accurately and also reduce sprint overflow.

    Topics included:

    • Why backlog refinement is so important
    • Practical tips for a successful refinement session
    • Anti-patterns of refinement
    • Understanding and using velocity

    During sprint-end ceremonies, your team focuses on results, feedback, planning, and learning. This is the official point where stakeholders can influence the team’s backlog. Improving these ceremonies helps the team learn and create value faster.

    Topics included:

    • Why you need the different types of Agile ceremonies
    • Running a demo and getting feedback
    • Why retrospectives are essential 
    • Toolbox: The 40 best retrospective methods

    A successful Product Owner has great relationships with stakeholders and other teams. In this module, you learn to cooperate better with stakeholders. It can also cover working with subcontracted teams, where the Product Owner and the developers are from different organizations.

    Topics included:

    • Finding the optimum release frequency
    • Large-program scope management
    • Common release scope-management anti-patterns
    • Overcoming challenges while working with other teams


    The Product Owner is not an outside member, but an integral part of the Agile product team, maximizing the value that the team achieves. In this module you learn to collaborate better with the team.

    Topics included:

    • Working with the team and using your different roles 
    • Finding a balance when you have multiple roles (PO, tester, Scrum Master, Project Manager)
    • Why you should be available for the team
    • The importance of encouragement and celebration

    The Product Owner cannot work alone. You need to communicate continuously with customers, product management, and other stakeholders. Refinement and prioritization are guided by common shared goals and vision.

    In this module, learn how to work effectively with Product Leaders and use the vision best. 

    • Building, maintaining, and communicating the product vision
    • Roadmapping and backlogs
    • Product strategy
    • Product Management: collaboration and the fundamentals

    Empower your entire team with new skills

    Contact us to plan this training just for your team or organization