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    Test automation and Robot Framework

    Repetitive manual testing: meet your maker.

    To state the obvious: poor quality software does not do any favors to revenue.

    Test automation lies at the heart of DevOps. By automating repetitive testing, quality improves and valuable human resources are freed to do what they’re best at.

    Test automation and Robot Framework services


    When is test automation needed?

    When it comes to regression testing, old bugs don’t resurface once you have test automation in place. If you’ve fixed something once, the software won’t break again in that particular way in future releases without you noticing it.

    Test automation is a backstop for quality. And quality leads to happy, loyal customers who look forward to software updates and the new features they bring.

    Test automation is also a catalyst. It shrinks test and throughput times dramatically.


    How will it benefit you?

    We’ve seen test automation save costs already at the design phase of a product and save even more costs during the lifetime of a product.

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    Robot Framework

    If you don’t have test automation set up already, Robot Framework is well worth considering as a starting point.

    Robot Framework is extensible. It’s a universal test automation method which is widely applicable, allowing you to connect business thinking with the tech needed to realize it.

    Eficode is a world leader in Robot Framework. We're part of the core development team for the tool and a founding member of the Robot Framework Foundation. We also contribute to dozens of open source projects in the ecosystem.

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    How do we do it?

    Test automation is the most cost-effective if it is built at the very beginning of a new project. It also makes sense to test throughout your project if you’ve adopted Agile ways of working.

    In practice, our consultants can become part of your software team, taking care of continuous delivery, or join your test automation/QA team.

    We believe that a test automation mentality should not be limited to a QA team, as it positively affects development teams too.

    Test automation grants developers peace of mind: the changes they make in the here and now will not break any existing functionality.


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