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    Future Lab

    Explore new business opportunities and create validated concepts

    Anticipate future customer needs

    We live in a world of constantly changing competition and rapidly evolving markets. To stay competitive it’s crucial to identify new business opportunities and create new services that meet the expectations and needs of your customer base.

    Invest in the right ideas for the future

    Coming up with new ideas is easy. The challenge is to come up with ideas that match the future market and create continuous value for the company.

    Early feedback to save time and money

    Early validation of ideas and feedback from potential customers is key to making the right decisions. Ensuring your idea is viable and develops in the right direction means you will avoid wasting resources on ventures that are bound to fail.

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    Future Lab helps to deliver out-of-the-box ideas and identify new business opportunities for the future quickly, helping teams to have business continuity and vision.

    5G technology expert who participated in a Future Lab


    What is Future Lab?

    Future Lab is an efficient, exploratory process for evaluating new business opportunities and creating validated concepts over five workshops. We bring together different stakeholders and help them to anticipate future trends and use cases.

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    Co-creative process

    Ideate based on future insights with facilitation methods that boost innovation and ensure really productive sessions.

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    Design thinking

    Use design thinking to identify and innovate new business opportunities, combine different perspectives, and prepare ideas for validation.

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    Concrete outcomes

    Get early feedback from your stakeholders and potential customers. Prioritize use cases and ideas to develop further. Save time on your ideation process.

    5G mobile technologies case

    5G technology offers great incentives for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Enterprises to collaborate on new opportunities. The biggest challenges in monetizing 5G technology is figuring out which use cases are worth pursuing and finding the right innovation partners. 

    With Eficode Future Lab we brought players in the 5G and CSP industries together to map the most interesting use cases. They innovated, co-created, and validated their ideas to support investment decisions where risks have already been mitigated. This collaboration between two different industries combines valuable knowledge to produce fresh ideas that would never emerge in isolation. 

    Concrete outcomes of Future Lab:

    • a prioritized list of use cases and service ideas that can be developed further 
    • verification of ideas and early feedback from potential customers
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    Future Lab in two minutes

    Choose Eficode to plan the future

    Business, tech, and design expertise

    Eficode advises businesses on their digital transformation. In Future Lab we provide not only the process, but also our competence in design thinking, service design, facilitation, and future methodology.

    Facilitation for productive collaboration

    Future Lab is a powerful collaborative tool because it brings multidisciplinary people together in a safe, creative space where they can get into the innovative spirit quickly and easily.

    Proven track-record

    We have had great experiences in organizing Future Lab with partners to create new synergies and fresh ideas. Our customers working on cutting-edge 5G mobile technologies have already adopted Future Lab.

    Flexibility and support

    We can help you find new perspectives and potential partners for your service innovation. Sessions can be held face-to-face or remotely.

    Let’s start creating your future services today!