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    Lean business case training

    Learn to make better business decisions the Agile way

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    By learning to develop lean business cases, your business organization will experience the same amazing advantages from Agile methodology, that your product development organization does. Navigate toward your business goals with a whole new level of freedom and agility.  

    It is no longer effective to make and stick to traditional business plans that are based on what you knew 3-5 years ago. Markets change and you gain new knowledge along the way. We will teach you a new holistic way to make an investment decision and ensure its success by adapting to the changing environment. 

    Key reasons to give your team this training:

    • Stop making ongoing decisions based on where you were, and what you knew, years ago
    • Become better at evaluating business opportunities
    • Make iterative business cases that support the MVP concept
    • Keep your products’ business justifications up-to-date and used throughout their lifecycles


    Tailored to your specific needs. From single-day to multiple-day sessions.


    A combination of self-study, remote sessions, classroom learning, and exercises.


    Product Managers, Product Owners, R&D Leaders and Business Owners.

    Let your organization make better, more Agile, business decisions

    Contact us and we’ll find the perfect training plan for your team.

    Eficode’s trainers have been very professional, and they have been able to offer us a tailored training package, which is exactly what we wanted

    Mikko Saarentaus

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    Ensure consistently wiser decisions all around

    Make better decisions

    By creating lean business cases, you ensure that a proper analysis is done, and that you make better investments.

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    Run an Agile business 

    Building the lean business case is an iterative process with minimal investments, where you try to learn and achieve as much as possible. This creates business agility.

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    Reduce uncertainty

    Estimating the future is hard. The key when making a business decision is to understand what the uncertainties are, and their possible impact. 

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    Have more valuable discussions

    By creating business cases the same way around the organization, you ensure that a proper analysis is done and you can compare and have better discussions around them. The end result will be better investment decisions.

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    Training modules


    Learn how to build your lean business case. Starting with why a business case needs to be lean, we’ll walk you through the steps to make it so, and eventually how to pitch it.

    Main contents:

    • Lean business case: Approach and structure
    • Business modeling
    • Estimating the business case
    • Analyzing and comparing scenarios

    Business cases are unique to the company context, and even the best templates may not fit. In this module, together we workshop a lean business case based on your needs.

    Main contents:

    • Hands-on business case exercise
    • Selling and presenting the lean business case internally

    Throwing ideas around is easy but often unproductive. Learn the most efficient ideation methods to find the best ideas to later analyze.

    Main contents:

    • Practical ideation tools and facilitating ideation sessions
    • Ideas and opportunities: What, why and how to select, and why? 
    • Tools for rapid idea evaluation

    Empower your entire team with new skills

    Contact us to plan this training just for your team or organization