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    Product development economics training

    Improve your product development by understanding the economics behind it

    Training themed illustration - Product Development Economics
    In your service organization, is product development genuinely efficient? This training in product development economics is specifically designed for business and product development executives who aspire to create a winning product and service organization. So if you are a leader who seeks to enhance your organization's competitive advantage, this training program will provide you with essential skills and insights to achieve your goals.

    Compelling reasons to get this training:

    • Genuinely understand product development efficiency
    • Master effective strategies and best practices for steering product organizations
    • Learn to measure and evaluate the success of product development efforts
    • Understand the entire product development lifecycle, from ideation to launch and beyond
    • Assess the economic viability of product initiatives, and make data-informed investment and resource decisions
    • Learn to foster effective cross-functional collaboration 
    • Gain insights into leadership principles to thrive in dynamic business environments



    0.5-3 days total (typically a module takes half a day)


    Informative training, with plenty of room to discuss participants’ specific issues


    Organization leaders (including C and VP level), business unit leaders and heads of R&D and IT. Some manager-level leaders will also benefit.

    Empower your entire team with new skills

    Contact us to plan this training just for your team.

    Working with Eficode has felt very flexible. Their trainers have been very professional, and they have been able to offer us a tailored training package which is exactly what we wanted.

    Mikko Saarentaus
    Director, DNA Entertainment Business

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    Truly understand exceptional product development

    Develop products more efficiently 

    Your leaders will be able to optimize your investment value curves, streamline operations, and implement best practices. You will launch faster, reduce costs and be more productive.

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    Make better-informed, strategic decisions

    When you understand the financial viability of projects, can prioritize investments, and effectively allocate resources, you are much more likely to meet your business objectives.

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    Have a more Agile organization

    When your leaders have a holistic view of product development and understand adaptive leadership principles, you can quickly adapt to changes in the market, technology, and customer needs.

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    Performance improvement backed up by data

    Your leaders will be able to establish meaningful metrics, track progress, and assess performance accurately. You will know what to improve and implement corrective measures.

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    Training modules

    This is where you get a deep understanding of the investment value curve and its impact on product success. Explore how different functions within your organization create value together.

    • Understand the significance of the investment value curve and its role in customer adoption and financial success. 
    • Identify how each function contributes to the curve and learn strategies to optimize cross-functional collaboration. 
    • Emphasize data-driven decision-making and leverage metrics to positively impact the curve, customer satisfaction, and long-term success.
    • Discover iterative methodologies like Agile and Lean principles to foster continuous improvement and innovation.
    • Embrace feedback, measure performance, and make iterative adjustments to enhance the investment value curve.

    Really understand product development economics at both the micro and macro levels.

    • At the micro level, you will dive into the principles of Agile product development, learning how to drive efficiency, innovation, and quality within teams.
    • At the macro level, you will learn about the broader organizational and industry factors influencing product development success. 

    Additionally, you will learn to identify and reduce technical debt. 

    Find the right balance between short-term agility and long-term success, to make informed decisions, prioritize investments, and align your product development strategies with organizational objectives.

    Find the balance between delivering customer value and minimizing effort in software product development. 

    We will emphasize the importance of metrics, measurement, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

    You can unlock the secrets to achieving optimal product development efficiency as an organization. Learn the strategies to streamline processes, reduce waste, and be more productive.

    If you are a leader in your organization, you will get the knowledge and tools to build an operating system that drives success. Explore how business strategy, product strategy, portfolio management, OKRs, and capability management all work together.

    You will learn to: 

    • Align strategic direction with product strategy 
    • Optimize product portfolios
    • Implement effective OKRs
    • Cultivate organizational capabilities 

    By understanding how these components work together, as a leader you can create a robust operating system that ensures strategic alignment, fosters innovation and drives success in a dynamic market environment.

    Learn how to build a robust measuring framework that drives data-driven decision-making and fosters continuous improvement. Also, learn about the risks and benefits of metrics and how to build and use meaningful metrics effectively.

    • Understand the importance of measuring product development and its role in informed decision-making and risk mitigation. 
    • Learn strategies to design relevant metrics aligned with organizational objectives and establish a framework for accurate measurement. 
    • Discover how to use metrics in daily operations to drive continuous improvement, track progress, and make data-driven decisions.

    By learning this, your organizations can harness the power of data-driven insights in product development.

    Empower your entire team with new skills

    Contact us to plan this training just for your team or organization