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    UX & design training

    Make users the focal point of your digital development

    UX training services

    Learn the secrets of user-centric design

    Develop products based on validated data rather than vague assumptions. Our training programs help your organization make design processes truly user and customer-centric and ensure you develop with users in mind. 

    Our UX and design experts can give you and your team both the theoretical underpinnings and practical skills to build a customer-centric organization and create superior user and customer experiences.

    Stay ahead of the competition with research

    Continuous research of user and customer data and needs is a must to stay ahead of the curve and your competitors. Our training programs help you develop your continuous and in-house research skills and apply the research to make better decisions.

    Maria Wan

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    Having a partner like Eficode is a mighty good thing [...] The end result is a set of products that are user-friendly: easy on the eyes and a pleasure to experience.

    Kim Bergman
    UX Design Manager at Kone

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    What you get with Eficode

    Wide variety of experts at your disposal

    We offer expertise in all aspects of design: UX, UI, CX, research, service design, testing, and validation. We have you covered no matter what kind of expertise you need, from theory to practice and execution.

    Fast, practical outcomes

    We always provide ready-to-use practical solutions. While our training programs solve everyday problems you face, we also foster long-term change.

    Focused answers to your particular challenges

    We tailor the training precisely for your needs. We use theory as much as needed and aim for solving your particular challenges. Our learning-by-doing approach makes the training interesting and rewarding for the participants.

    Some of our training programs

    In training, one size definitely does not fit all. We offer dozens of different training modules and exercises, and we can tailor the training based on your unique needs for fast and measurable results.

    Here are some of our most popular training packages:

    Design Sprint training

    Design Sprint is the fastest and most proven method to design, build and test a service.

    This training program fits your organization if you need to learn a fast way to test and solve a customer-related challenge.

    Develop new concepts in no time
    Training themed illustrations- design sprint

    Accessibility training

    Are you sure the features you have planned are actually needed? Do they work as users expect? In this training, you will learn how to find out for sure. Train your team on usability testing: create higher-quality products and better user experiences (UX). 

    Through a healthy mix of lectures, discussions, and audience participation, your team will learn the right way to conduct user testing, using and communicating their test findings. 


    Find out more about the accessibility training
    Training themed illustrations Accessibility

    Usability testing training

    Well-conducted user tests provide invaluable insights that guide you toward correct decisions. This training program covers the when, how, and whom of running tests. It is suitable for any organization that is new to testing or hasn’t yet fully mastered UX and usability testing.

    Test your way to better user experiences
    Training themed illustrations - usability testing

    We're always open to talking about training services