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    Solutions for the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

    DORA: Transforming regulation into an advantage

    Dora Hero

    DORA accelerates the path to stronger cyber resilience

    With the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), the EU has taken steps to ensure all entities in the financial sector can withstand, respond to, and recover from ICT-related disruptions and threats. As the compliance deadline approaches, financial institutions must adopt robust risk management practices with resilient, secure, and efficient systems.

    Achieve your DORA compliance goals faster

    By integrating Atlassian’s suite of tools into your operational framework, we can help you fulfill all the regulatory requirements. At the same time, we’ll help you streamline processes, enhance team collaboration, and build a culture of continuous improvement. With years of experience in providing advice on operational resilience strategies in finance and other highly regulated industries, we can help you navigate the complexities of DORA and establish a secure and resilient digital ecosystem faster.


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    Approach DORA regulations with Atlassian tools


    Master incident management
    with Jira Service Management

    Jira's powerful issue and project tracking capabilities ensure you're always informed on the status of ICT-related issues.


    Centralize documentation
    with Confluence

    Ensure risk management strategies are accessible and up to date with a repository for all DORA documentation, policies, and procedures.


    Secure your codebase
    with Bitbucket

    Robust version control systems safeguard your codebase while CI/CD streamlines your development, which are essential aspects of ICT security under DORA.

    Address DORA’s requirements with our experts

    Build a robust foundation to achieve compliance goals and enhance operational resilience with Atlassian tools. As a leading Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we’ll guide you all the way on implementing and making the most of the Atlassian stack.

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    DORA assessment and gap analysis

    Our team will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your existing DORA compliance with regard to tooling, identify areas of non-compliance, and offer actionable recommendations.

    Atlassian tools and implementation

    We help you align your Atlassian tools with your existing IT infrastructure and ensure alignment with DORA’s strict requirements. With us, you gain assurance your business is well-positioned for continued success.

    Process design and optimization

    By partnering with us, you can develop and optimize processes for risk management, incident response, resilience testing, and third-party risk management, allowing you to leverage your Atlassian tools for enhanced efficiency.

    Training and change management

    We provide training and change management support to ensure all stakeholders are well-equipped to adopt DORA-compliant practices and tools.

    Ongoing support and monitoring

    We offer ongoing support and monitoring services to help organizations maintain DORA compliance and adapt to evolving regulations and best practices.

    Let’s explore how your business can meet DORA’s requirements

    Learn more about DORA

    DORA is a groundbreaking initiative by the European Union designed to bolster the financial sector's resilience against digital threats. It requires financial institutions to proactively establish and refine their strategies to withstand, address, and bounce back from incidents and threats related to information and communication technology (ICT).

    It establishes technical requirements for financial entities and ICT providers across five domains:

    • ICT risk management and governance
    • Incident reporting
    • Digital operational resilience testing
    • Information sharing
    • Third-party risk management

    The European Union introduced DORA to tackle the increasing dependency of the financial sector on digital technologies and the associated risks. It aims to harmonize ICT risk management practices across the EU, ensuring that financial entities are well-prepared to manage and swiftly recover from digital disruptions, thereby safeguarding the sector against the rising frequency and severity of cyber incidents.

    Atlassian's suite of tools, including Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket, support DORA compliance. They enhance incident management, documentation, and code security, streamlining risk management and compliance processes. These tools play a crucial role in promoting a culture of continuous improvement and resilience within financial organizations.

    Jira stands out for its customizable workflows, issue tracking, and project management features, making it a key player in incident management under DORA. It helps organizations to effectively track, manage, and report ICT-related issues, ensuring swift actions and compliance with regulatory mandates.

    Confluence is invaluable for DORA compliance, acting as a central hub for documentation. It ensures that all risk management strategies, policies, and procedures are well-documented, organized, and accessible, promoting better communication and compliance throughout the organization.

    Bitbucket boosts DORA compliance through secure version control for coding projects and the integration of continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices. This is crucial for maintaining software development integrity and security, key components of ICT risk management under DORA.

    Eficode provides assessment and advisory services to help organizations gauge their DORA compliance level, identify non-compliance areas, and formulate concrete steps for improvement. This includes evaluating current ICT risk management practices and offering tailored recommendations.

    Eficode implements the integration of Atlassian tools with your IT infrastructure to be aligned with DORA compliance. This involves matching the tools’ functionalities with the regulatory requirements for risk management, incident reporting, and resilience testing, facilitating a compliant and efficient operational environment.

    Eficode’s comprehensive approach towards DORA compliance includes assessments, Atlassian tools integration, process enhancements, and ongoing support. This all-encompassing approach not only ensures compliance but also boosts operational resilience against ICT threats, enhancing overall business continuity and security.

    Risk management processes are the backbone of DORA compliance, focusing on the identification, assessment, and mitigation of ICT risks. Eficode assists organizations in developing effective risk management frameworks that comply with DORA, ensuring they are well-equipped to manage ICT disruptions and threats.

    Incident reporting is a critical aspect of DORA, requiring the prompt reporting of significant ICT-related incidents to regulators. Eficode aids organizations in setting up efficient incident reporting systems through Atlassian tools, ensuring timely compliance and enabling swift response and mitigation strategies.

    Digital operational resilience testing under DORA evaluates an organization’s ability to endure ICT disruptions through various testing methodologies. Eficode supports financial entities in executing extensive resilience testing, ensuring systems are robust and recovery plans are effective in practice.

    Information sharing under DORA encourages collaboration and learning among financial entities about ICT risks and incidents. Eficode facilitates the establishment of platforms and processes for secure and efficient information exchange, boosting the industry’s collective resilience to digital threats.

    Managing third-party risk is crucial for DORA compliance, as financial organizations increasingly rely on external ICT services. Eficode aids in assessing and managing these risks, and validating that the third-party services comply with DORA's operational resilience standards.

    Organizations aiming for DORA compliance can consult Eficode for a comprehensive assessment of their practices against DORA requirements. Eficode will then outline a customized plan covering process improvements, tool integration, and ongoing support to ensure compliance and enhance digital operational resilience.