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    Atlassian Software in Kubernetes

    Deploy and scale your Atlassian applications in seconds


    Make your Atlassian applications rapidly scalable and highly available 

    Atlassian applications quickly become mission-critical in a lot of companies. Atlassian provides active/active clustering for many of their applications to support high availability. This is called Data Center.

    It can be quite a job managing a clustered setup of these applications. So, you may be asking yourself, how do I manage this in an efficient manner?

    With Atlassian Software in Kubernetes (ASK) you can run Atlassian installations within an easy-to-manage system that is highly available, instantly scalable, and super-efficient.

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    Aki Roivanen

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    +358 44 7324 287

    Key benefits of ASK


    Automation keeps your mission-critical applications running whatever the weather. If your Jira server fails Data Center will automatically redirect your traffic to a different server. And if your installation dies Kubernetes automatically spins up another. There’s also zero downtime involved when you upgrade Jira.


    Scale instantly without repetitive and costly admin tasks. With Atlassian Software in Kubernetes (ASK) your Atlassian applications and environments exist as code, so they are immediately reproducible through automation.


    Stay on top of everything without unnecessary admin. Kubernetes makes it easy to monitor your Atlassian software by integrating with Grafana and Prometheus. Automated alerts let you know as soon as something starts to fail.

    I have been waiting for this for a long time. Now we are getting return on the time we have spent setting up Kubernetes. It is the coolest thing ever!!!

    Brian Midtgaard Skov
    Lead Software Tools Engineer at Vestas

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    Get started

    To start enjoying the benefits of ASK you’ll need an Atlassian Server or Data Center application, and a Kubernetes cluster and storage. The good news is the solution is open source.

    You can find the repositories here:
    Atlassian Software in Kubernetes - Jira
    Atlassian Software in Kubernetes - Confluence
    Atlassian Software in Kubernetes - Bitbucket
    Atlassian Software in Kubernetes - Helm Repo


    Make the most of Data Center with Eficode

    Eficode has won Atlassian's Partner of the year award in DevOps both in 2018 and 2019.  Our Atlassian expertise comes hand-in-hand with Continuous Delivery and DevOps know-how. We have a wealth of experience to advise you on the tools and configurations that work for you.


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    We'll take care of your tooling maintenance and support, scalably: our largest clients have over 10,000 users in Jira.

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    As an Atlassian Platinum partner, we can help you with the entire Atlassian suite. From roadmap and training to license management.

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    We're a Kubernetes certified service provider, and our DevOps experts can guide you on your journey to effective cloud-native adoption.

    Want to know more? We can help you all the way with ASK.