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    Bitbucket services

    Make Bitbucket fit perfectly with all your Atlassian solutions

    Atlassian Bitbucket Hero

    Adopt and integrate Atlassian tools to your DevOps pipeline

    Almost everyone uses Git. And if you use Atlassian tools, it is crucial that you find ways to use Git effectively with those tools. Most teams that have selected Bitbucket, use Jira for managing tasks and team backlogs, so they want to ensure that they get the benefits from Jira also with Git.

    Bitbucket is the heart of your DevOps on Atlassian - we are the cardiologists

    We have helped countless teams and organizations move to Bitbucket. And we will help you realize the true potential of Bitbucket, and integrate all your Atlassian tools into the rest of your CI/CD pipeline. Since we are also experts in Agile and DevOps, we take pride in finding better ways to adapt culture and practices with tools.


    Aki Roivanen

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    Connect Bitbucket to your development pipeline

    Fully embrace CI/CD

    Take your source code to testing and production faster by integrating Bitbucket with Jira. Atlassian has found that teams with this integration can release versions 14% more often. We can help you design, create and maintain a DevOps pipeline where you can enjoy the full benefits of continuous integration and continuous delivery.

    Traceability from requirement to code

    Whether you work with waterfall, Scrum or scaled Agile methods, end-user requirements determine what your products will be like.

    Regardless where you are on your Bitbucket journey, we will ensure you get the most out of the tool and out of Jira. You will have line of sight from requirements to code - from the actual source code changes, to the pull requests, to the backlog items in Jira. And we don’t just look at the tools, but also at your internal culture and practices.

    Fit Bitbucket into your perfect pipeline

    Your Bitbucket needs to work with the rest of your DevOps toolchain. We have helped hundreds of companies across industries build modern, efficient pipelines. Whether your focus is in code analysis, security audit, quality assurance, managing pull requests, or Infrastructure as Code, our people have done it before.

    Master it all with us

    We are a proud Atlassian Platinum or Enterprise partner in 7 countries. Our credentials have been validated many times as we have been named the official Atlassian Partner of the Year a unique 7 times.

    Also importantly: we follow international security standards ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 when delivering our services, that is why a number of customers with high compliance and security requirements have selected us.

    Your guide on the entire DevOps and Bitbucket journey

    Plan how to utilize the integration capabilities of Bitbucket

    To get full value out of Bitbucket, you need to integrate it with the rest of your development tools. Our experts will help you with this and to adopt good practices with Bitbucket in your software development, like in hundreds of projects earlier.

    Eficode can also help you migrate your source code from your existing tools such as Rational Clearcase, Rational Team Concert (RTC), Synergy, Perforce, and Subversion.

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    Train your teams and developers

    Under the hood, Bitbucket is Git. Every development team can improve by understanding Git better and to use it more efficiently. We turn your people into Git gurus, help them set up the practices which work best for them and to avoid common mistakes and misunderstandings.

    Hundreds of teams and their members have benefited from specific training programmes at Eficode Academy, whether they have been adopting new tools or becoming better in their software development processes.

    read more about eficode academy

    Get support and keep tools up to date

    As your needs evolve, so too should your Atlassian tools. We advise you on everything related to your Atlassian infrastructure and hosting, and keep your applications healthy and secure, ensuring availability and performing the changes you need.

    We also support you and your end users through personal support via Jira Service Management or phone.


    Peace of mind with Bitbucket licenses

    We can take care of renewing, upgrading and adding new licenses for all Atlassian products and the Marketplace apps.

    Our licensing teams offer free, personal support and advice. They analyze and optimize your licenses, and plan upgrades and migrations from a licensing perspective.

    Never worry about expiring licenses and upcoming renewals. And with us, you even pay by invoice. So long to the credit cards.

    read more about licensing services

    Today we have two Jira, two Bitbucket, one Confluence, three Jenkins and one Artifactory instance running inside Kubernetes and can automatically install, uninstall, upgrade, scale down, scale up, backup and restore into a test system

    Brian Midtgaard Skov, Lead Software Tools Engineer, Technology R&D

    Read the case study

    How can we help you become better with Bitbucket?

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    Learn more about Bitbucket

    Bitbucket is a Git repository management solution. It centralizes the management of various completely private Git repositories on a single platform. Via access and workflow controls, Bitbucket allows to manage the collaboration, review and commenting on code to better test and deploy.

    A main argument for Bitbucket is the integration with Jira. Security is another important aspect, as all repositories within Bitbucket can be made completely private. Additionally, the tool is easy to administer and has a high flexibility in permission-granting and customization.

    It is used by development teams of all sizes, with a growing number of development projects and code repositories which heavily rely on the security and management of their code. Bitbucket can grow with your team as it is licensed per user and not per repository.