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    Migrate smoothly from Server to Cloud

    Atlassian Cloud migration

    Atlassian Migration Hero

    Server users - it’s time for a change

    From February 15, 2024, Atlassian will no longer support Atlassian server products. The good news is that you still can benefit from support and continued innovation by migrating to Atlassian Cloud (or Data Center).

    We know that this is a big change for you, so we are here to help you all the way.

    Over 90% of new Atlassian customers go cloud, and here is why:


    Aki Roivanen

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    Save costs

    Reduce administrative overhead by up to 88%. Save on hardware costs and minimize end user time.


    Easily scale up

    Avoid hassle with servers, firewalls and hardware, to keep your enterprise flexible and future-proofed.


    Improve team productivity

    Keep your them productive and ensure a competitive edge with the latest features.


    Increase security

    ​​Let Atlassian ensure your data is being treated the right way, to comply with governmental security standards.

    Your data is safe in the Atlassian fortress

    Atlassian ensures that your data is being kept safe. Read on to learn how. 


    Cloud products have a base layer of security in data encryption in transit and rest, mobile device management, IP allow listing and more. And with Atlassian Access you can add the extra layer of security with SAML/SSO, enforced two-step verification and automated user provisioning (SCIM).



    Atlassian is dedicated to uphold the highest bar for personal data privacy and to provide full transparency on data management and storage. Atlassian's Cloud products are compliant with GDPR and LGPD and come with a host of options for data residency: US, EU, Australia - and other regions coming soon.



    Atlassian has a global perspective on compliance, offering features like data residency, coverage for GDPR, SOC2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001/27018 and more. Their coverage is also expanding, while they undergo comprehensive security audits to provide independent assurance that your needs are met.



    Hosted in AWS your Cloud products are provided with stability and availability at scale, multi-level redundancy and more. Atlassian also offers uptime SLAs of 99.9% for Premium plans and 99.95% in their Enterprise plans.


    This is how Eficode can help you

    As an Atlassian Platinum Solution and Cloud Specialized Partner with many years of combined experiences we have realized many successful migration projects. And now, we are eager to join you on your migration journey - all the way if you want us to.

    We ensure a transparent and simple migration process. Let’s see what the #8 steps of an Eficode cloud migration looks like.

    Cloud Specialized Partner

    #1 Initial qualification

    Let’s start where we are. First we’ll have a look at your existing environment. How many instances do you have and what do your legal, compliance and security requirements look like?

    #2 Asses & justify

    Now we have cleared the first hurdle. Let’s continue the assessment by diving deeper into your organizations needs and technical requirements. After this step we will give you an estimation of the time frame and costs.

    #3 Planning

    We will create a plan for the migration progress. All you have to do is review it and (hopefully) accept it.

    #4 Preparing

    It’s time to get prepared. Get rid of obsoleted data, and sort and clean up the current environment. We want to start fresh.

    #5 Testing

    Let’s run some tests. We will create Atlassian Cloud sites for test migrations and your users will access it for testing as well.

    #6 Migrating

    Just sit back and relax. It’s time for us to migrate it all for you. At the end of this step you will have a brand new Atlassian Cloud environment.

    #7 User acceptance

    Let’s dive into the new environment. We want your users to confirm that the new cloud environment functions properly. And if something is missing or needs correction, we will take care of it.

    #8 Post migration

    Voila! The possible migration-related issues are fixed and the migration is done. Now it’s time to focus on how to grow your business. Great news - we can help you with that too. Our experts can develop your Atlassian environment and act like a support for all your questions or needs. With our deep knowledge of the ecosystem we can bring even more value to your business, the way you demand.

    Let’s talk about your journey

    Migrating from server to cloud requires expertise. We used the same tool but different versions and didn’t know what would happen during a migration. It felt like a typical mission for Eficode.

    Mia Johansson, Head of Enabler & Data
    TV4 Media


    An award-winning partner ensures your deliveries

    Our credentials are unrivalled. We are an Atlassian Platinum or Enterprise partner in seven countries. We have also been selected official Atlassian Partner of the Year seven times.

    We follow the international security standards ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 in our services, making us the preferred partner even in the most heavily regulated industries.


    As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise we are best placed to help you on your Atlassian journey. 

    Services EMEA 2022

    We are very proud to say that we have won the Atlassian Partner Award 7 times and last year we won the Services category as well as DevOps.

    FAQ Server EOL

    Since server licenses are perpetual licenses, they will still function after February 2, 2024. But if you have server products and apps, you can no longer get support and bug fixes. All server maintenance terms end at this date.

    Timeframe EOL Server


    • Jira Software server
    • Jira Core server
    • Jira Service Management server
    • Confluence server
    • Bitbucket server
    • Bamboo server
    • Crowd server
    • Atlassian Marketplace apps

    Stop scratching your head and calculating when and how you should migrate. Let us do that for you. We are happy to do an initial qualification to see what your migration journey would look like. 

    We will help you along the migration journey. Reach out to get started.