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    Atlassian Compass services

    Improve your Developer Experience

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    Improve Developer Experience and gain visibility over your development environment

    With distributed or microservice architectures, developers work in increasingly complex environments. Keeping track and maintaining tools is all the more complicated, but ensuring the quality of your end product is mission-critical for your business.

    With an internal developer platform like Compass, you stay in control of your software architecture and allow developers to focus on crafting features and functionalities that matter most to your users and business.

    Partner with the top Atlassian and DevOps experts on your Compass journey

    Get Compass right from the start with the right Atlassian expertise and best practices to improve developer happiness and productivity. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner specialized in DevOps and platform engineering, we can guide you with best practices and configurations to make the most of Compass for your organization.


    Aki Roivanen

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    Make the most of Compass with Atlassian and DevEx guidance


    Control your development environment

    Untangle your architecture; with Compass, everything is in one place. Understand your product health with real-time visibility to improve the quality of your end products.


    Increase developer happiness and productivity

    Avoid the pitfalls. Get the benefits of Compass quicker. Benefit from our experience building internal developer platforms in large organizations.


    Perfect your DevOps and Agile practices

    Let us guide you in your tooling choices and team practices based on decades of experience in Agile and DevOps. Let’s enable your developers to produce meaningful work without friction.

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    Team up with a top Atlassian Partner

    We've met the highest criteria set by Atlassian and have a proven practice that can scale from small to large customers. We’ll configure and maintain Compass along with the rest of your Atlassian Stack.

    From start to maintenance, get the Atlassian Compass services you need

    Platform engineering consulting to get you started

    Through a series of workshops, we plan the configuration of Compass in your environment with your existing Jira and Atlassian setup. Then, we implement and integrate Compass to work with your teams and roll out planned team pages, metrics, and scorecards.

    Our experts will support your team to start using Compass and empower them with platform engineering best practices to get the most value from it.

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    Support and maintenance for your whole Atlassian stack

    Customizable support to suit your teams on demand. Get assistance for Compass, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Marketplace apps, and enjoy SLAs, practical support, health checks, and implementation guidance.

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    A fully managed DevOps platform

    Have your DevOps tools proactively managed by experts in a single place with Atlassian and over 30 other supported tools. Our DevOps tool experts help you get the most out of Compass with your whole DevOps toolchain.

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    Award-winning DevOps Partner

    We’ve been awarded Atlassian Partner of the year 11 times and DevOps Partner of the Year three years in a row. With +15 years of experience in DevOps transformations, we have helped thousands of organizations improve their culture and tooling. Let us guide you in enhancing the Developer Experience in your business.

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    Improve your Developer Experience with Compass experts guiding you all the way

    Learn more about Compass

    Compass is a developer portal that helps manage distributed software systems. It reduces the time spent managing dependencies and understanding system interactions and encourages a more integrated and seamless workflow, improving Developer Experience through productivity and the quality of work life.

    Compass streamlines activities, such as onboarding, and comes without maintenance costs. Teams have insight into service details, dependencies, and activities for reliable, secure systems. Developers can customize and extend Compass for more efficient processes.

    Compass benefits developers and engineers, providing insights into software architecture, component ownership, resources, and operational status. It's ideal for managing development sprawl.

    Developer Experience is how developers interact with tools, APIs, and platforms. It includes ease of use, documentation quality, and overall satisfaction. Good Developer Experience tools boost productivity and adoption, which is crucial for successful software projects.

    Compass includes a software catalog that enables the discovery and management of software components. It has scorecards that specify best practices for teams and dashboards to track components. Templates integrate best practices into your company’s standards.

    Atlassian Compass addresses challenges in managing complex software systems, enhancing team collaboration, and improving development processes. It simplifies navigating and understanding intricate architectures, fostering more efficient project management and development practices.

    Compass integrates seamlessly with other Atlassian products, including Jira, allowing teams to track their work comprehensively from development to deployment. It enhances collaboration and visibility across software development lifecycle stages, providing aligned information on the status and progress of projects.

    Compass provides a unified view of all software components and their interdependencies. It helps you understand and navigate the software landscape, making it easier to manage, update, and secure complex systems. This improves decision-making and planning, system reliability, and performance.

    Compass simplifies the discovery and management of software components and reduces the time and effort needed to understand and work with complex systems and manage dependencies. Compass reduces friction and bottlenecks by improving collaboration and team alignment.

    Compass centralizes the information and tools needed for managing software components and their interactions. This helps teams maintain consistency and compliance with best practices across their development processes, ensuring that the environment remains stable, secure, and efficient.

    Atlassian Compass improves product quality by providing visibility into the health and status of software components, facilitating early detection of potential issues. It enables teams to proactively address vulnerabilities, dependencies, and architectural changes, ensuring high-quality outcomes.

    Compass supports DevOps and Agile practices by enhancing collaboration and streamlining workflows. It offers tools and insights that enable continuous integration, continuous delivery, and agile project management, aligning development efforts with business goals and customer needs.

    Eficode helps plan and configure Atlassian Compass to work with your teams, offering support with use and best practices. These include the configuration, integration, and planning of pages, metrics, and scorecards.

    Compass has the flexibility to accommodate specific organizational needs through configuration. Its architecture supports plugins and integrations, enabling teams to tailor the platform according to their unique workflows, processes, and preferences.

    Eficode implements and manages Compass by providing setup, customization, and ongoing support. Eficode’s services ensure that Compass aligns with organizational goals and optimizes Developer Experience effectively.

    Atlassian Compass provides a shared platform where team members can easily access, manage, and share information about software components. This shared understanding and visibility into the software architecture fosters better communication and collaboration across development teams.

    Compass is priced per user per month.