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    Elevate your DevOps and digital transformation expertise

    Grow your teams' expertise

    We offer public hands-on training courses to upskill your teams, as well as on-site training. Just contact us to set it up.

    Sofus Albertsen

    Consultant and Trainer

    sofus.albertsenconsultancy@eficode.com +45 31 68 98 75 Message me

    Custom Training Sessions

    Hands-on training sessions tailored to your needs

    Does your organisation have special requirements that don't fit our ready packages? No problem! We've helped many companies by providing custom-made training sessions and workshops to teams. We always tailor training experiences to the knowledge of the participants. And all of our trainers are leading experts on the topic at hand. With years of experience, they have facilitated several training sessions and worked across many industries and audiences.

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