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    Atlassian Cloud backup

    Backup your Jira and Confluence data in Atlassian Cloud


    Even in cloud services, your data can be out of reach

    In any given cloud service you can lose critical data at any time. For all its virtues, Atlassian Cloud is no exception. You have human errors, a script going wild - data may just be deleted. In a single stroke of bad luck, someone bulk deletes Jira issues or trashes Confluence pages. 

    After a catastrophic failure, your cloud provider can restore the data, but that takes days or weeks. And after a user error, you may not be able to request a system restore, or it is too late if other projects and data have already been created.  

    Support and stability for your Atlassian Cloud from one provider

    We will backup your Jira and Confluence in Atlassian Cloud. As soon as there is a problem in Atlassian Cloud, we quickly set up an additional cloud instance, and restore the most recent valid copy of your data. Even during a lengthy outage, you have full access to your data. You can review deleted data and copy-paste valid parts back to production, ensuring business continuity even during the most challenging outages.

    Peace of mind that comes easily and cost-effectively

    When you buy backup and restoration services from us, we deliver these services under the umbrella of Eficode ROOT, our unique managed DevOps platform. These services are used throughout Europe by companies of all shapes and sizes to bring focus and peace of mind to their development and IT teams. Read more about Eficode ROOT here.

    Easy activation for immediate safety

    Our experts bring you live quickly, using readily available APIs in Atlassian Cloud. No need to spend time on integrations or additional project management.

    Managed services

    Fast restoration - you only pay if you need it

    You don’t need Atlassian Cloud experience. Our award-winning Atlassian experts service hundreds of organizations.

    And because we are experts in automation, we can quickly provide a fresh Atlassian Cloud instance with the snapshot from your desired moment. Whenever you need it.

    You never pay for restorations that may or may not occur. Since we price restorations separately from backups, you only pay if the need arises. 


    A single trusted partner for all your Atlassian needs 

    With your cloud data securely backed up, if your needs change, we also offer a broad range of other Atlassian services. 

    Atlassian has named us Partner of the Year no less than nine times, in the categories DevOps, Services, and ITSM.  We have one of the world’s most experienced teams in Atlassian, and customers around the world.

    See our Atlassian services

    Let’s talk about securing your Atlassian Cloud data

    Let’s evaluate your backup needs, and whether Eficode ROOT managed services could be a solution.

    Trusted and rewarded by Atlassian and clients alike

    An 8-time Atlassian Partner of the Year winner in various categories, Eficode remains a trusted and preferred advisor. We lead the way in Agile and DevOps with an obsession for knowledge-sharing, focused talent acquisition, and expanding our clients' horizons.

    Atlassian Award 2021Partner-Services-badge

    Any environment you need

    We’ve run tools in a public cloud service, such as AWS and Azure, in a hosted private cloud, and on-prem.

    Any Atlassian systems you have

    We’ve grown Atlassian systems from a single tool installation to a full scale, plugin-rich integrated Atlassian toolchain.

    Any scale - we've got your back

    We'll maintain and support your tools at any scale: our largest clients have over 10,000 users in Jira.

    Frequently asked questions

    Eficode ROOT is a DevOps platform as a managed service. It is delivered in the cloud by Eficode, the leading DevOps company in Europe. 

    Our specialists can expertly manage your entire software development lifecycle - or parts of it if you prefer. From requirements management to continuous delivery and analytics. 

    We master all (40+) major DevOps tools, including Atlassian, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab and Kubernetes. Armed with all this experience and knowledge, your cloud backup could not be in safer hands.

    Backups are a way to prepare for the worst. Ensuring that backups are done is one thing but in our service we want to focus on ensuring your business can actually continue after restoring the backup.

    We provide support between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.  Central or Eastern European Timezone on working days. SLAs for backup support start from a 4-hour reaction time.

    Backup restoration, and actions to ensure smooth business continuity, can vary between the cases. Sometimes backup restoration is straightforward, but major disasters add a lot of complexity. To ensure correct measures for case and backup restoration , we evaluate work required on a case-by-case basis so you pay for the service you need.

    With Atlassian Cloud backups, we use backup APIs provided by Atlassian Cloud. Backup coverage is restricted by the APIs and for example the plugins and plugin data may not be included in the backups.

    In case you have a special requirement for the backups, please reach out to us and let’s see how we can help.

    We run backups in Amazon Web Services within the European Union.

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