Tivi, a Finnish IT sector trade publication, has chosen Eficode as its company of the year. DevOps has fueled Eficode's escalating growth. Read more.


It’s yet another great day for DevOps in Europe! Tivi gave a number of reasons why they chose Eficode as their company of the year for 2019.

Read the full article, written by Aleksi Kolehmainen in Finnish, on Tivi’s website (the article is behind a paywall). 

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Why is Eficode Tivi’s company of the year?

DevOps is the rocket fuel

Risto Virkkala, Eficode’s CEO, spoke of how Eficode was preaching DevOps – the need to make software more efficiently – even before the term DevOps existed.

In the article, Risto describes DevOps as automating as much of your software development as possible and having one production line used by all the people (including vendors) building software at a company.

He spoke of how DevOps can raise productivity by 10% for companies.

What’s more, DevOps is an answer to many of the industries woes, including the tight job market, with automation taking repetitive tasks off the hands of busy developers.

Next stop, the world

“My vision is for us to be a globally recognized brand, with strong roots in the Nordics. A known player across Europe, and known across the world!” comments Risto Virkkala in the article.

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Published: Jun 7, 2019

Updated: Mar 25, 2024