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In the beginning of my career, when every teenager owned a lava lamp and Devops was an unknown word, I was part of a Software Configuration Management (SCM) team. Agility started to replace waterfall and major enhancements to SCM and software iteration rounds was in the near future. Many agile evangelists as a part of their preachings were sharing slides of two lava lamps, red and green. The lamps were located in the team coffee room. When the Continuous Integration flow was successful, the green lava lamp was lit. However if the flow was unsuccessful, the red one was lit. This made the green one cool down and the lava in it started to set. If the red lava lamp was in meltdown, the situation was really bad and if the green lava was nearly solid, the situation was horrible.

Basically with the lava lamp implementation a coffee drinker could get OK/NOK type of information from the Continuous Integration flow. In addition, he/she could get some kind of an idea of how long the current flow status has been in effect. In some situations, it would reflect the timeline of the change of state in the flow history, i.e. what color of lava is solid and what is starting to set. One of the basic rules was “if you commit the lit red lamp, you can’t go home before the green lamp is lit”.

Nowadays, we have Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Deployment flows. You could see monitors that are based on the data you get from those methods in many coffee rooms. The better ones include flow item specific information and status of execution of multiple flows (Devops and measurements magic). An even better version of this kind of implementation includes automatic self healing at least for the Continuous Deployment side (red should not be anymore mandatory color all the time). Therefore on/off information and specific information from CD flows could be dug up out quite easily and simply.

But that is not all. When I joined Eficode, “Eficode Devops platform” was not out yet. Now everyone could get their own “Devops platform by Eficode” booklet and “pipeline as code” style platform implementation. We could build it up behind of your firewall or you could buy it from us in SaaS style. If you really think about it? Is your company business focused on devops, developing and maintaining it? Do you earn your money from the devops field or does your company consider it as a tool? Do you really want to learn about the latest tools and and implementing them continuously in your devops field? Why wouldn't you buy a devops platform, that is just as sensible as buying an email service from Google? How about if we introduce a feature which is a project manager's biggest dream?  A dream where the coffee room screen also shows the price of a project and estimation when it will be ready.

Eficode just arranged "The effects of artificial intelligence on software production breakfast" seminar in Helsinki. In that seminar we introduced techniques on how devops data together with machine learning, Big data and Test-driven development (TDD) could bring that kind of value to your coffee room.

When can we co-operate with your company? We are ready - Are you? Big dreams are not dreams anymore - they are reality.