The Embedded Conference Finland (EFC) was held in Helsinki in April 2018 focusing on IoT and AI.

The keynote speeches and display stands had a strong focus on IoT hardware, of which there were multiple modules: SoCs, microcontrollers, sensors etc; with good discussions as to how they can be tested automatically.

The first keynote speech was given by VTT’s Professor Heikki Ailisto titled, “AI comes  - is Finland ready?” The speech was very interesting and introduced the various ways in which AI is defined as well as where it is at the moment. There were also results of an analysis from IMD business school that compared how ready various countries are for AI; Finland ranked top in most of the comparisons.

The second keynote speech was given by the CTO of Etteplan, Jaakko Ala-Paavola entitled, “How secure is my IoT?” It provided plenty of technical information and has motivated me to look further into ARM, mbed, OS and NB-IoT networks.

The last speech was titled, “Closing the loop of an industrial value chain with MindSphere IoT,” and was presented by Ilmari Veijola of Siemens. They provided ideal solutions for simulating one device to a whole factory. For me the simulation has been an ongoing issue while testing automation in embedded software.

The technical tracks were interesting and dealt mostly with real, low-level technical issues. Some other areas of interest that would be worth investigating, come from Azure IoT Edge services and Mathwork’s static code analysis tool Polyspace; more specifically, how we could use it with our customers?

Overall the event was good; Akavatalo had plenty of space for this kind of event and the services were great. From a technical point of view the demos were awesome and hopefully, we as Eficode can be present as well. I believe that we could provide good input for this kind of development.


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Published: May 16, 2018

Updated: May 25, 2021